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Woman Destroys 419 Scammer In The Most Hilarious Exchange On Facebook

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With the advent of dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, it’s no surprise that more and more people are beginning to meet someone special online. With that new mode of communication, however, comes a form of deception that some people still succumb to from time to time. If you were using the internet about 10 years ago, you might remember the reign of terror of the 419 Scammer.

The 419 Scammer would usually come in the form of an e-mail from someone claiming to be a prince, or anyone else of similar wealth. They’d always fall madly in love with you, and they’d always be in a bind of some kind, and that bind would always require a monetary injection, after which they’d disappear without a trace.

Some clever people out there would take great delight in messing with the con artists, and in the modern age of social media, those heroes are still out there today, scamming the scammers in the best possible way.

This particular crusader against the online communication conmen remains anonymous; we only know her by her alias: Fellatia McSuckle.

Stay with me here.

So, Fellatia was on Facebook, when she was contacted by a man from West Bengal in India, who went by the name Anil Khullar. Now back in my day, your online scammer would show a little more patience before they tried to screw you out of your money, but Anil was very forward.

Like, really forward.

When accosted with such raw desire and sexuality, as well as a “mitie” c**k, what is a woman like Fellatia to do, apart from perform the internet equivalent of a swoon? Choosing to really double down on the shenanigans, this is how our internet crusader reacted.

Now rechristened Anal from the faraway and mystical land of Anus, it’s clear this internet scammer wasn’t going to let this money go without a significant effort on his part. And boy, was Fellatia about to make him work for it.

Ah, Facebook statuses. I think that the sincerity of a Facebook status will one day overtake the wedding vow as the de-facto affirmation of a person’s love towards another person. So, what was it that Anal from Anus was required to say in order to get his well-earned $500? Oh, he’s so close!

He did it. He actually did it. I’m not sure how much humiliation I would put myself through for $500, but it’s definitely not as much as Anil/Anal here. Now, he could finally enjoy his prize. Fellatia was going to go transfer the money, and she was going to get photographic proof, and…

And boom goes the dynamite! I don’t know how Fellatia managed to cobble together so quickly a makeshift Western Union out of toys and a piece of paper, but similar to how Batman seems to have anything for the given scenario in his utility belt, Fellatia rose to the occasion to finally drop the act on Anil. He was not amused.

Tragically, it seems that Anil was not the “mitie”-c**ked knight in shining armour that Fellatia thought he was. Anil left with a curt “f*ck u”, claiming that he was off to “f*ck his hot woman”, proving once and for all that Anil was a philanderer as well as a scam artist.

Well good riddance to him. You or I may not have the time to mess with scammers in a similar fashion, but I’m sure glad there are people out there like Fellatia who are fighting the good fight for us all.

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  1. Damn!!!!, Woman was badass.
    Now I need to name someone Fellatia McSuckle.

  2. ????????? she is my hero

  3. Oh man! This was the real deal! That’s how it’s done people, pick a pen and learn. Lol.

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