The news is making the round, a man has been murdered, his properties burnt. They said he committed a hideous crime, he was polluting the land.

What was his crime you ask?

He WAS gay.

Now, how you react to those three words determine which side of the divide you stand. Are you happy the man was murdered because of his sexual orientation? Clap for yourself, you’ve killed God. That’s right, you’ve never been comfortable with the way God goes around dashing His mercies up and down, to ‘sinners’ and ‘righteous’ alike.

Can’t He see being gay is the worst kind of sin? Not murder, not corruption, not envy, not lying, not witchcraft, not adultery, not fornication, not a whole lot of sins. Clearly God must have gotten soft in His older age. You’ll be His fire, you’ll be His brimstone. He didn’t ask you to but you’re pretty sure He’ll reward you with some kind of medal, forgive your many sins maybe, including the sin of murder. Heck, you’ve killed a gay man; surely that’s a one way ticket to paradise.

You annoying, stupid, insane, megalomaniacal excuse of a human being! What have you achieved from this? You’ll still go to your religious places of worship, you’ll listen as your anointed men of God tells you that human life is precious, he’ll tell you about the prostitute that was brought before Jesus by her accusers but received mercy. You’ll shout, scream, claim your miracle, then head on out and commit cold blooded murder.

You anointed man of God. You’ve found your way into social media, you’re spreading the Word, you’re spreading YOUR word. Calling on people to come for this crusade or type amen under your picture to receive their miracles. You’ll read of this atrocity, the murder of a man who did nothing wrong to deserve death. You’ll read and you’ll move on, no social media message to your followers, no sermon from your pulpit. You’ll simply move on, you’ve found your next scare tactic message, the theme of your next crusade. “These Sodomites you see, you’ll see them no more”. Ptueh! All of us go jam for this heaven.

Your leaders came up with the “Jail the gays” bill. Wasn’t it fourteen years jail time they prescribed? You people rejoiced, the problem of the country has been solved. The gays stood, they watched as your unhealthy obsession with how they have consenting adult sex led to your taking away their rights. They watched from their homes, your brothers, your sisters, your fathers and mothers, they watched as you all were jubilant at the signing of a draconian bill into law. But clearly that was not enough, you must kill, your insatiable appetite for murder cannot be quenched. You became a ‘good murderer’, a merciful one. You’re ridding the country of scum, a man created by God, a man God looked at when he finished creating him and called him beautiful, that same man you see and call scum.

You’ll go back into your homes, the scum is dead, you’ve done God’s work. You’ll switch on your TV. They’re showing the endless conflict in the Middle East, the Boko Haram atrocities in the North. You’ll watch as the reporter speaks on the endless murders committed, people who died simply because they worship differently. You’ll sigh, snap your fingers, shout Jesus and finally call on God to punish these murderers.

You’ll go about your lives the next day, the country is still a mess, persistent fuel queues, epileptic power supply, unequipped hospitals, corruption everywhere. You’ll curse the leaders for their ineptitude and call on God to punish them. You who just murdered an unarmed innocent man just the day before! In your perceived righteousness, you are surrounded by sinners.

Our country has become a cesspool of hate, murderers and psychos. We have denigrated to a stage where it’s really that easy to kill a man because he takes it up the butt. His butt, not yours, HIS! We have become so obsessed with how much sex the next man is having and if he is having it right. We have become the moral police when our morality stinks to the high heavens. We have become a country abandoned by God but our denial is strong.

We are God’s people. We are fair. We are just.

We are insane!

Written by Anyibaba

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. The collective conscience of this country dims day after day. With every senseless slaughter committed on the altar of religion and morality, we see the speedy dearth of our humanity. It’s just so sad.

  2. Jesus taught us to love even our enemies and bless those you “despitefully use us”. There is only one thing He commanded us to do, “love one another”.

    We get Jesus in overdose from the pulpit, but all that has failed to make the Nigerian a Christian.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      It’s a curious thing really. How we have an abundance of religion, and yet we are such non-Christians.

  3. The worst part is that most people applauded the killers and support them rather than see that in their ignorance they have taken a life.
    They feel justified because they are straight or secretly ashamed to come out.
    I mean if you don’t understand something do not be quick to hate it or dismiss it.
    This is really sad

  4. The sad event & the pseudo-moralists on social media made me question humanity. I weep for my country. The harm religion & tradition has done is irreparable.

    • That was exactly what I said when I heard/read d news. Religion and culture have finished us in this nation. I don’t even want to comment on this thread. The entire gist and worse still, people’s “ok” reactions to it so far, have left me physically nauseated. I have not been this angry in a while.

  5. Any law that allow us to diminish the humanity of any human is not a law but framework for crimes. I hope the religious and political “leaders” are seeing this and I hope they are able to sleep at night.

    If this is the requirement for heaven. I want no part of it.

  6. This just about sums up how I feel about Nigeria.

  7. My thoughts in another’s pen and paper. I weep dearly for this country

  8. Its to be expected, really.

  9. I read the story and I just shuddered! Many of us are savages! Those who are not casting the stones and hitting ‘sinners’ with sticks are doing it with their mouth, pen and phones. I’m afraid, really afraid. Today it is someone else, tomorrow it can come closer to home. Pastor Tunde Bakare said a lot of Christians drop their brain somewhere when they are in church. I agree, I cannot but agree. Gosh! May our ‘righteousness’ not first destroy us before sending us to hell. May the loved ones of this young man find comfort and justice, that’s if there’s any left in this part of the world.

  10. Christians have forgotten what it means to be Christ-like.Just imagining the way Jesus is weeping because of mankind. He never and will award any medal for such hate.As Anyi said, we go jam for Heaven. Such senseless and self righteous idiots. Hope your robes are glistening white with your piety

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