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Hilarious: When the Ex falls for Adele’s ‘Hello’ Lyrics

Adele’s new track “Hello” has helped one 19-year-old girl get the last laugh with her ex-boyfriend. Mary Caldarella, from Alabama, used only the song’s lyrics in an iMessage conversation with her former flame – and his reaction is brilliant.

While the lyrics work in a normal conversation to begin with, Caldarella’s ex Matt quickly gets confused (like anyone would) telling her, “I think you have the wrong Matt”.

It all gets a little emosh from there…cf8222d00960765e99882c3d29859555cf8222d00960765e99882c3d298595556

Caldarella shared the whole conversation, including her ex’s baffled response, with the caption “when the ex falls for Adele lyrics”.

Buzzfeed retweeted it and before she knew what had happened, Caldarella had racked up almost 12,000 retweets and 20,000 favourites.

This is just one example of what an impact Adele’s track has had.

In addition to breaking Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ previous Vevo records by scoring almost 135m views, it’s already been parodied by US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres and left plenty of celebrities overwhelmed with emotion.

Kate Hudson shared this photo of herself crying after listening to Adele’s new record.b7cb306c0cfb1e43890faa68a5f111c7

Katy Perry also got a bit emosh listening to the hit for the first time.katy perry tweet

Adele: Give yourself a pat on the back.

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  1. Hilarious stuff. But how comes someone on social network at this period of history couldn’t figure out what was going on? Beats me!

  2. Lol. People really cried to that song??? Nnaa mehn, I must be stone-hearted oh. Lawd save me!

  3. Which song?

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