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 ‘We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…’

The above quotation is an excerpt from the Declaration of America’s Independence.

If we critically read and digest this preamble, we will pick out some key words that form the basis of democracy. These words are, inter alia – Equality, Respect for fundamental human rights to life and the exercise of free will. These are the basic tenets of democracy. And, these tenets are what the United States government live and swear to protect. It is on this premise that Abraham Lincoln granted the American Negroes their right to vote, and stopped them from being seen either as a property or as second class citizens. It is within this premise that Martin Luther King found the spices to cook his fiery civil rights messages. It is also on this backdrop that Barak Obama backed the gay law. It is also on this premise that he, Obama, advised Nigerian legislators to discard the anti-gay law.

I have watched with calmness the reaction of our people, over the pressure from Western democratic countries namely, USA and Britain, on Nigeria to pass and approve the anti-gay bill. Their reactions have left me laughing as they rejoice over the defiant posture of our legislators in approving such a hedonic bill. But the gospel truth is this: their joy will be short-lived as far Nigeria remains a democratic state. What it will take is time, time that tips the tyrant. The same time that it took USA to grant the negroes equal rights, the same time that it took the US to allow a black man into the White house,  the same time that it took the US to approve the same anti-gay bill. It is this same time that it will take, because under democratic principles, a man has been given by his creator some inalienable rights; rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And you cannot really tell a man how to pursue his happiness. Can you?

Nigeria cannot hide under the roofless building of culture as they kick out the gay bill. If we borrow western democracy, we should also be prepared to face the concomitant interpretation that comes with its tenets. If the whites knew that democracy will make them equals with their black slaves whom they believed were of the same specie with animals, they would not have been so fast in adopting it as a form of government. To them then, when they were saying “All men were created equal”, blacks were not part of the human race. But democracy coupled with time proved them wrong. So will democracy prove those rejoicing with fourteen year jail term wrong, sooner or later.

Personally, Democracy may be a good form of government, considering the fact that it tries to make all humans equal. Even though I disagree that we are all equal. Yes, GOD created all humans to be equal, but nature, nurture and the deliberate actions of some people have made us unequal. This is debatable though, but it is not really the best. As far as Nigeria, nay, Africa, is concerned, I believe we need to find a system of government that understands the imbalance in our system, and also encompasses our culture as a people. Democracy has failed woefully in resolving our peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. It has made a mess of our values and will continue to destructively put a knife to the things that make us unique.

To understand the ridiculous nature of democracy, one needs to look at the vernacular transcription of democracy in Igbo: Ochichi onye kwue uche ya (the governance of freedom of speech for everyone). The article, everyone, in this definition staggers belief, and scares me as a person. At the risk of sounding sarcastic, I honestly do not think is right for everyone to say his mind. So many minds are hollow, deranged, ill educated, rotten and uninformed. And, we should allow them to speak. Like seriously?

However, this is democracy for you, a system of government that not only guarantees right to personal liberty and pursuit of happiness, but also upholds the decision of the majority. Yes, democracy believes that everybody should have their say and let the majority have their way. Isn’t this bizarre? After everybody is left to speak, then, the decision of the majority of the people will be upheld. And I ask, which majority, the confused majority or the informed majority? Then democracy answers, “The majority, whether confused or informed, I don’t bloody care.”

History is replete with the gullibility and blunders of the majority (crowd). And, one incidence that captures the pulse and gullible nature of majority is the death of Julius Caesar thousands of years ago during the Roman Empire. Caesar, who was a beloved emperor, was murdered by the Roman senators consisting of his cherished confidant Brutus. Brutus was given the unenviable task of convincing the crowd on why the distinguished senators murdered their beloved emperor. Well, he did a good job of it; he convinced the angry Roman mob how the death of Caesar was the best thing that could happen to Rome. Within minutes, the crowd was rejoicing over the murder of their hero, hailing Brutus as their new Roman hero. Mark Anthony, Caesar’s loyalist, came into the scene to address the jubilant crowd. Mark Anthony reeled out his famous speech, and in a split second, the crowd turned their hate to the new man of the moment, Brutus, and he was declared an enemy of the republic immediately.

In the light of this, I believe I will not be far from the truth if I say that the crowd is the easiest set of people to convince. The crowd is a symbolic replica of the character, Crixus, in the TV series Spartacus; the crowd always trusts on its brute strength rather than reason. The crowd never looks beyond the present. And, it is because of this I also believe that GOD, the supreme creator, does not walk with crowd. Rather, He picks a single individual that will galvanize the crowd. And, He does not pick this individual through the democratic process called ‘election’, because if He dares leave the crowd to their discretion, emotions will take over their reasoning (as it happens every election year in Nigeria). Just as the people of Shechem did in the book of Judges Chapter 9. They elected their homicidal relative, Abimelech, to rule over them after a little speech, instead of the divinely selected children of Gideon.

God knowing the fallible nature of men has never used the democratic process whenever he wants to intervene in the affairs of men, He uses his foolproof process: Selection. Therefore, I humbly believe thus, as far as democracy remains our system of government, we should get ready for more funny leaders, because the ‘Crixus’ crowd will keep electing an ‘Abimelech’ to rule over them. This is because, democracy is the easiest way for a fool to get into power legally in any country filled with educated illiterates and illiterates. Methinks, the solution remains, to copy the GOD system of government. For us to advance as a nation, I believe the educated elites (not misdirected moneybags) should take up the role of GOD, liaise amongst them, and know how to foist the right leader upon the nation.

When this happens, the elites should get ready for the western reactionary elements who always think they have monopoly of wisdom. It is going to be a hard and tortuous way, but I see no better option. As for this thing called Democracy, as far Nigeria is concerned, it will remain a cloud that brings no rain. Unless, the majority of the people are rid of their Esau mentality. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

May GOD open our eyes of understanding.

Written by Tobe Osigwe, @OsigweTobe

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Great TOBE, I can’t but agree with most of your postulations and arguements. God was and is never a democrat that I know.

    The hullaballo will soon die a natural dead, my fear is with the over zealous and tyranical leaders using the said unthought out law to witch-hunt people with opposing view.

    Kudos boss.

  2. Rich article laced with enough wisdom

  3. Amen…..

  4. @ikolondigbo I hail thee.Always a great delight тσ read ur words of wisdom…

  5. Bros, over sense they worry you – you too make sense. The same crowd that was going to build the tower of babel. The same crowd that refused to get into Noah’s ark. The same crowd will elect the son of perdition – The anti-christ. Thank you sir.

  6. Mr Osigwe, I know I have only two thumbs, and I do thank God for that but I say to you, plenty thumbs up for this thought-provoking piece, sue me! Lol!

    God’s not a democrat I concur, He does not derive His supreme power from the ones He governs, His creations. He was neither created nor was He elected.

    And the forever fickle-minded crowd, *sighs*. It takes a single person with a great oratorical skill to move a whole crowd, whether or not the ‘crowd mover’ is spitting trash or saying the real thing. This is so puzzling and I agree with your assertion that God uses the selection process to effect a change when he handpicks a single individual, afterall, sin came into the world through one man and salvation through another Man. It takes only one man and if the right one moves the crowd, then we’d be the better for it. Thanks for this and grace multiplied.

  7. The voice of the people is not always the voice of God, that I have found to be true… God does what He pleases & what He pleases to do is the best thing to do, man’s opinion don’t count as much…

  8. I always love reading this guy’s posts, he’s so “Literate”….. Well, another good one

  9. hmmm, nice argument. there is however a flaw in the conclusion. if the human mind is fallible as the writer has made us to believe, then how then can man play God? how can they determine what and who is the right man for the job? the man that they select, will they not expect loyalty from him seeing they are his ‘God’father? if the west are not the monopoly of wisdom, how come a group of ‘elite’ men have the monopoly of wisdom to decide what is good for 150million people?
    God can perform that role because by His very nature, he is infallible, all knowing and all wise.

  10. God is not a democrat… truth but the elite few aint God. when it comes to government, the crowd should decide their leader else a tyrant gon ascend d throne nd turn the masses into slaves.

  11. This is the first time I disagree with Sir Tobe. When one’s pursuit of happiness will be detrimental to the good of the society, that should not be a truth to be held self evident. Democracy is also founded on the principles of utilitarianism.. The greater good for the greatest NUMBER. Thus, the majority is always right. And if all men were truly created EQUAL, then the sexual orientation of all men should be the same. The fact that we have gays point out to a natural inequality. It is in a bid to achieve natural balance that our National Assembly passed the anti gay bill.
    And thus, God is A Nigerian. He doesnt support sodomy.

  12. Dear Tobe, it is with much difficulty and perplexity that I respond to this your article. I want to get it out of the way first that I think you are a very fine writer and I have not had issues with your quality of writing. I do not always agree with all your points but I have no qualms stating that you write well and appeal to intelligent minds. Maybe it is that realization that has driven me to pause for a few days after first reading this piece so as to brood on the implication of what you have written, and maybe it is also the realization that when a well respected writer, and one people listen to, makes some statements then its effects can be very far reaching. Please correct me if I am wrong- in your piece you referred to the antigay bill recently passed by our legislators as hedonistic, you also said the reactions of Nigerians left you laughing. From those statements It would be safe to conclude that you consider the bill wrong, morally and otherwise, especially as you said that you cannot tell a man how to pursue his happiness. You also compared one of our reasons for kicking against homosexualism as ‘Nigeria hiding under the roofless building of culture’. And you have said that democracy coupled with time will “prove those rejoicing with 14 year jail wrong, sooner or later’. You also wrote wonderfully on the glaring failures of Democracy as it tries to serve as man’s best method of ruling fellow men. As you went on to expound on how feeble and fickle minded the multitude can be I was able to finally boldly arrive at the obvious conclusion that you most probably think the Nigerian public feeble minded for swaying against homosexualism now and, still drawing from your statements and analogies, that it is only a matter of time before they sway to allow it. Hmm!
    In case I am wrong, please correct me, and just in case I am wrong, What then Tobe are you saying? Are you saying that homosexualism is right? Because that is what I see woven ‘cunningly’ into this your piece. Your piece tactfully comes short of stating categorically that homosexualism is right and okay. If that is what you are saying then I have to say Sir, that YOU ARE VERY WRONG. I will explain with the points you used in your piece. You mentioned that God is no democrat, and in your own words: “methinks, the solution remains, to copy the God system of government”. This I fully agree with. If you therefore copy God’s system of government, which is theocracy (an autocracy based on being The Divine One) and hold the Bible to be His sovereign and revealed word, then you will know that He said without fear or favour to everyone in Romans 1:26-27, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 that homosexualism in all its shades and degrees is WRONG. That is God declaring His law to you and I and all mankind from a place of infinite knowledge and wisdom knowing that this unhealthy and ungodly lifestyle the west and its sympathizers are clamouring for and foisting on others will do no one good. Why then, my brother, do you support His ‘theocracy’ in one manner of speaking and deny it on the other hand when you find it less convenient? Do you see why your argument is not only wrong but dangerous especially to the ears of the poorly taught believer in Christ and unbeliever alike? Finally, you spoke of the need for a select few to “play God” and “foist” certain leaders on the remaining majority. I fear for such a time when it will become blatantly so, for it is always a dangerous thing for man to play God. Dear Tobe, never ever wish for that day and time. History will show you over and over what happens when men develope the god complex- hitler, stalin, etc. It never turns out well.
    Your musings in this piece belie the writer I have come to enjoy and respect, something’s wrong somewhere. I have much to say, but this will do for now. I hope that somehow you’ll think deeply on these social issues and see the nearness of Christ’s coming and the need for us to keep preparing our hearts while we declare His uncompromising truth to all without fear or favour. I will not keep silent as I continue to say that homosexualism and lesbianism and all other forms of sexual perversions are wrong, do not glorify God and would lead to mankind’s destruction. In your words, may God indeed open our eyes of understanding, Selah.

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