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Those Final Quips From The Series Finale Of ‘Downton Abbey’

I’ll miss Downton Abbey. And this is a lot coming from someone who doesn’t like English TV shows, let alone English periodic shows. This particular series had been sitting in my hard drive for months before, out of boredom and a lack of anything else to watch, I clicked Play.

And never stopped clicking!

One of the major things about the show that kept me entranced was the quips, the one-liners, the sharp dialogues that salted episode after episode. Most of them had me rocking in my seat with laughter, and hitting the Rewind button over and over. And here’s the ones I picked from the 2015 Christmas finale of the series.


“THE only thing I’m not ready for is a life without you.” Bertie to Edith

“YOU must know by now, I never answer any question more incriminating than whether or not I need a rug.” Dowager Countess to Isobel

“AS my great father used to say, if reason fails, try force.” Dowager Countess to Isobel

“IT was such a paradox. You made me miserable for years and then you gave me my life back.” Edith to Mary

“IF you want to keep her, Robert, you have to let her go.” Rose to Robert

“YOU are a woman of real substance and I am lucky enough to call you my wife.” Robert to Cora

“I don’t want to force your hand, Mr. Barrow,” Mr. Carson. “And I don’t want to twist your arm, Mr. Carson,” Mr. Barrow.

“IT’S so strange, I feel so completely, completely happy. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before.” Edith to her parents.

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  1. That first line from the dowagar… Comedy gold! ???

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