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The Things They Say…About Men And Tears

‘I don’t see a lot of movies because I easily tear up. It’s a curse. I cannot practice any such thing as suspension of disbelief. I readily internalize people’s pain and well up with tears. My father once told me that real men don’t cry. At least, not in the public. Sometimes, I mask it up and go to the restroom during official meetings. Don’t be a sissy, I’d tell myself. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the nicest person out there but seeing someone in pain has a way of torturing me. Tears remind us of our helplessness. It rudely shows us our vulnerability. Tears. Hot tears can smear our well-powdered cheeks to reveal the tough times beneath our skin. Tears. Tears choke us from speaking. It brings us back to the air that we breathe, momentarily suspending our ego in thin air. So, this picture means a lot to me. Thank you, Mr. President, for humanizing the toughest job in the world. We need more human beings in our world today.’

Kenny Brandmuse shares on his Facebook post an expression of self and an appreciation of this picture below of a sombre President Obama.1382175_10153983473385809_8889187964153440357_n

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  1. Kenny speaks the truth. Reminds me of when I lost my father and people kept telling us not to cry, to be strong for our mother. I heeded to their words, I didn’t cry and I regretted it. I carried around such hurt, the pain, and all the tears around. One day I got a bad news or was having a really bad day, can’t really remember but what I remember is that I broke down in tears and cried my heart out. I kept crying and in that moment I realised I was crying for my late father, I was weeping for all those times I held back my tears. That period is when I went through a rebirth, I’ve not looked back ever since.

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