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The Things They Say: 176

“I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person. I’ll probably just order a deep dish and watch The Notebook or something… Just cry and weep.”

Eva Mendes pokes fun at rumours suggesting she has split from her boyfriend, The Notebook star Ryan Gosling.

Well, at least I won’t be the only person whose Valentine won’t be so hot. A Hollywood star is rocking the same boat with me. 🙂Eva-Mendes-hair-color-pics-2013-17

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  1. I still gat a crush on Eva Mendez though

  2. Walter, how’s it possible that Eva’s rocking the same boat with you this Valentine? Whatever happened to ‘don’t know ’bout you and George, Genny and I are soooo happening’. What happened to your faith, brotherly? You better keep your wits ’bout you and call up Genny for that date of a lifetime. Quit with the sulking already! That morale enough for you buddy? ROTFLMAO!

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