The first time I got head, I was tipsy. It was my very first head and let me just tell you – a head-mistress was the one who gave it to me!

I’d always felt like she was too attracted to my body but never really bothered about it. I am blessed with all the right things in the right places, and going to an all-girl’s boarding school further opened my eyes to what beautiful body I had at that age. Some of the girls often touched my rounded boobs or smacked my taut derriere. It was all meant to be complimentary, so I didn’t bother much about the gestures.

Now back to this girl, Cee… We were friends who found ourselves done with our WAEC exams and were passing time at home while waiting for the results. Back in those days, you had to wait about three months to see your results.

Cee is pretty and there was always this mischievous thing about her; she always had this look of ‘Take me if you dare’ in her eyes and such sultriness got her a lot of attention from both boys and girls in our school.

On this particularly rainy day, I was at her place. We were alone in her father’s study, stealing shots of scotch, when suddenly I felt her hand go up my skirt. Usually I laugh at everything when I’m tipsy. So, I giggled away as her hand continued its journey upward, skirting my thighs and reaching in further. She found my honey-pot, and before I could say “What is going on here?”, she had me on my back with her mouth working my southern lips. I giggled all through the pleasurable session and didn’t really want her to stop until we heard voices coming upstairs. We broke apart, straightened ourselves and tried to act normal.

After that episode, I began to avoid Cee and she made the distance easier when she tried to seduce my then boyfriend. I didn’t really miss the head she gave me because thankfully my boyfriend was better at it than her – even though I didn’t have much more than a few minutes of her ministration to compare. As time went on, I soon forgot about Cee and her head.

Years later, I had this adventurous boyfriend who loved to try stuff. He’d recently travelled and while we were talking on the phone on one of those lonely nights, I told him I missed him, and the mood had me feeling very wet down south. He told me he missed me too and that he was going to give me a treat as soon as he got back from his trip on the following Thursday.

Thursday eventually happened by, and as part of my welcome, I’d booked a couple’s spa session for us. I picked him from the airport and we dropped his bags at his place before going on to the spa. We got massages, the deliciously sensuous kind that had bodies were languorously relaxed. Then we had dinner, and it was during dinner that he told me that Angie would be joining us for the rest of the night.

“Who is Angie?” I queried as I sipped from my glass of tequila.

“Your treat, baby,” was all he said, this with a mischievous grin on his face.

Instantly, I began to feel my juice box tingling.

For this treat, he’d booked a hotel room. And it was to the suite that we hurried back to after dinner.

Angie was waiting at the hotel bar. Boyfriend called her to ask her upstairs. She walked into the room, saw me and smiled. She was such a pretty, young thing.

“Hi, I’m Angie,” she said, her smile still in place, the kind of smile that lit up her face and made her even prettier. “And you are…?”

I smiled nervously as I replied, “I’m Ijeoma.”

“Ijeoma…” she said my name slowly, and then increased the wattage of her smile as she said, “I’ll call you Aijay. Is it OK if I call you Aijay?”


She said she was hungry and at Boyfriend’s behest, ordered for some dinner to be brought up to the room.

I lit a stick of cigarette and tried to relax. Boyfriend came and sat beside me as we made small talk.

Angie finished her meal and went straight to the bathroom to freshen up. She spent about twenty minutes in there before coming out.

I was on my second stick of cigarette as she stepped back into the room and announced matter-of-factly, “Oya o, it is time for praise and worship! No clothing should remain on anybody at this time!”

The babe was already comfortably clad in her birthday suit, every toned brown skin on a body that received attentive care on full display.

Before I was done processing the fact that I was in a room with a naked woman for the first time in my life, Boyfriend and Angie had practically peeled my clothes off me. Four hands and two mouths were everywhere on my body, touching, fingering, grabbing, licking, caressing, sucking, kissing and nibbling. The pleasure descended on me like an avalanche. I wasn’t sure which pleasure point to concentrate my moaning on, because while somebody’s finger was in my pussy, stirring my honey, my nipples were being set on fire by some other person’s tongue. Talk about team work!

I always try to imagine what my face looks like during sex, and from me to you, if you are not looking like a possessed imbecile during sex, then you are having good people’s sex which equals bad sex. I imagined that at this time that I was looking like a possessed underachieving demon.

And then, as if the appetizer had been whisked off and the main course ushered in, Angie went down on me!

Ladies and gentlemen, it was at this point that I lost it! Whatever this babe was doing down there was like a truth serum. I started confessing my sins – the bank robbery I masterminded and the coup d’état I orchestrated, even mentioning the names of the people on my family tree from the village whose destinies I’d stolen. Even Jesus couldn’t get me to confess like I confessed to Angie’s tongue.

I mean – What is this??!! This girl was the HEAD OF DEPARTMENT For Headmasters and Headmistresses nationwide! I couldn’t believe it! I just couldn’t!

Boyfriend took a step away, put on his raincoat and began ramming this girl from behind while she continued giving me tiny explosions of pleasure in my love button. At a point, I believe I must have even passed out. After some minutes of this arrangement – Boyfriend behind Angie and Angie inside me – Boyfriend finally pulled out of her and then pulled her away from the meal she was savoring, before sliding inside me to finish up work with his magic stick.

Ten minutes later, after showers and compliments, I dropped off into a deliciously exhausted sleep in Boyfriend’s arms –

To wake up around 4am to a tongue stuck to my pussy like a stamp!

Angie again! Oshey baddest!

At this point, I didn’t even have the energy to make a sound. The entire liquid population in my body must’ve been drained by the previous night’s activity, because I suddenly found myself parched and had to tap Boyfriend to get me a glass of water.

This girl was obviously on a mission to flip me, but power pass power! The D is still my ride or die. Maybe I’ll need three more sessions with Angie to ditch the D. We are meeting her again next weekend. Time will tell.

Written by Aijay

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. …I started confessing my sins – the bank robbery I masterminded and the coup d’état I orchestrated, even mentioning the names of the people on my family tree from the village whose destinies I’d stolen…

    This ☝ totally cracked me up.
    And Lawd help a brother with how hot and bothered he is because of this story.

  2. *fans self
    Not this early morning, lord. Not now

  3. she stepped back into the room and announced matter-of-factly, “Oya o, it is time for praise and worship! No clothing should remain on anybody at this time!”

    ????? Where’s the church where they do this kind of praise and worship? I want to go there.

  4. Head too badddddtttttt! Barreest. ????

  5. Aijay is officially a case!!!

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