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The African Homophobe Is Not Special. He Is Simply Behind Schedule

There’s a faux attempt by some members of the African public to paint their homophobia as something new and special, to see it as a vestige of our burgeoning religious and moral fiber resisting Western ills. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, as a people, we’re not some bastion of morality. Don’t deceive yourself. We simply have a series of rules we choose to follow when it suits us.

Next, we’re not some radically different entity from the West. We’re not better than them. Like most things, we’re simply behind schedule. The West has run its race. They’ve gone through the whole gamut of homophobia, criminalizing homosexuality, trying to change homosexuality etc and have come to accept that Homosexuality is not some disease or disorder that needs changing.

It wasn’t until 1967 that the United Kingdom signed the Sexual Offences Act decriminalizing Homosexuality. Before then, homosexuality was a crime punishable by jail time or medical castration.

It wasn’t until 1974 that the American Psychological Association declassified Homosexuality as a mental disorder as studies continued to point to Homosexuality as a variation of human sexual orientation. It still took until 2015 before people of the same sex could marry each other and have their marriage recognized by the state. America was the 22nd country to legalize gay marriage. The way homophobes in Africa say it, you’d think Americans were the first and that since then, they’ve spent every waking hour trying to “convert” other countries. As with every other thing, you’d be wrong.

In the 1900s, psychiatrists and psychologists started a conversion race of sorts, each more keen than the last to prove that they could “cure” homosexuality. The conversion treatments varied but the aim was the same. They would use testicle transplants, bladder washing, lobotomies (brain surgery), combine electric shocks with homoerotic stimuli, force people to repeatedly have heterosexual sex and more. When it yielded no success, the definition of the term “cure” shifted from abolishing homosexual urges to establishing heterosexual urges to give more wiggle room for success. Here, success was defined as the development of heterosexual inclinations even if the person still retained their homosexuality. They still failed.

All of these supposed treatments have faded into the background because they don’t work. There was no attempt at cure that wasn’t tried. They’ve all failed. Even today, conversion therapy continues to be attempted but it has fallen into the recesses of alternative medicine. And that is not because of political correctness or liberalism. It is simply because it does not work.

I like that Africans like to feel special and superior morally. It’s cute. Like a bunny hopped up on cocaine or a dog chasing its tail, ever certain that if it runs in a circle just a bit faster, it can catch it.

But dear African homophobe, you’re not different from the more developed countries that have largely ditched their homophobia. You’re not better than them. You’re simply behind them. Is it about criminalizing homosexuality? They’ve done it. Saying that it’s a choice? They’ve done it. Advocating a cure? They’ve done it. All these things have been done. Every time, they’ve been proven wrong.

Your homophobia doesn’t make you “woke” to some sinister Western agenda to make us all gay. It doesn’t make you more special in the eyes of whatever god your parents told you is the one true God.

You think you’re a special bastion of morality doing something that has never been done before, when in reality, you’re no more special than a man unwittingly reenacting a history book because he couldn’t be arsed to read up on it.

The earlier you homophobes come to terms with this, the better.

Written by Vhagar

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. African homophobes are as always, lagging behind. Smh. The question is of if they will stay behind or ever catch up?

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