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Surviving A World With People Like R. Kelly

I watched the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ series yesterday. All six episodes of them. And I am traumatized. I dreamt about the man. I went to pee in the night twice and returned to continue dreaming about him, right into this morning. That guy is a soul snatcher. Ever wondered why ...

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Be a friend to your child. Balance discipline with abundant love and affection. If a child sees you to be unapproachable, he or she will keep things from you, secrets that can literally destroy your child. – Manny Humanity harbours a deep, festering secret which is concealed in the dark ...

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IN HER OPINION: Women Are Not Saints

Fathers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, drivers, teachers, etc have all come under the perpetrator microscope as people who are likely to abuse a child. But has anyone ever thought to look at mothers? Because contrary to popular opinion, all mothers are not saints. Society is so busy harping on ...

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When I finally decide to blow brazenly into the capacious life of a father, I do not hesitate to say that I would want to raise all girls – two girls. I don’t want to be a father to sons. If I’ve learned anything about being a man, it is ...

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That Thing In Your Heart

It was some minutes into the evening of one of those days the dusk descends earlier than usual. The entire office block was silent; a new building well detached from the clogged campus structures. Apart from the chirping birds and a little whistling of the wind, the only sound left ...

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He Said, She Said: Hollywood divided over Woody Allen’s child molestation scandal

With a plot revolving around a warring family, dark goings-on in the attic of a family house and the simmering fury of a scorned lover, it’s the sort of old-fashioned melodrama that rarely gets a look-in at the Oscars nowadays. But this time it will. In a couple of weeks’ ...

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