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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS III

Read previous episodes HERE (I) and HERE (II) * Everything happened so fast. It seemed like one moment, we were on the way to the Garden, and the next, a seemingly innocent man was robbed of the trial Rome insists on and accused and sentenced for…nothing. I stood in the ...

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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS II

Read Episode 1 HERE. * The years passed and I rose up the ranks. I had taken part in a few military campaigns, but in the end, I was reposted to Judea – this time as a captain. I found that the land had begun to grow on me and ...

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My Bible Story: THE THIEF

I run through the dark streets, my lungs bursting with the effort. As I weave and turn through the alleys, my mind races faster than the wind whipping past my face. I know the penalty should I get caught. Death. By crucifixion. I am a thief. I have been a ...

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