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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS II

Read Episode 1 HERE. * The years passed and I rose up the ranks. I had taken part in a few military campaigns, but in the end, I was reposted to Judea – this time as a captain. I found that the land had begun to grow on me and ...

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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS

I stare at the goblet before me, its blood red contents mocking me, daring me to swallow and end my misery. I am not great believer in the afterlife, but somehow I feel that killing myself would not end my pain. Nothing could ever end my pain. And to make ...

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My Bible Story: A FATHER’S HEART (Part 2)

For the beginning part, click HERE TO READ * Mariam, Yeshua and I remained in the upper Nile province of Egypt until Herod died, roughly two years after Yeshua’s birth. We heard with utter grief the news of the massacre of the innocents, helpless little baby boys slaughtered by that ...

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