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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS III

Read previous episodes HERE (I) and HERE (II) * Everything happened so fast. It seemed like one moment, we were on the way to the Garden, and the next, a seemingly innocent man was robbed of the trial Rome insists on and accused and sentenced for…nothing. I stood in the ...

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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS II

Read Episode 1 HERE. * The years passed and I rose up the ranks. I had taken part in a few military campaigns, but in the end, I was reposted to Judea – this time as a captain. I found that the land had begun to grow on me and ...

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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS

I stare at the goblet before me, its blood red contents mocking me, daring me to swallow and end my misery. I am not great believer in the afterlife, but somehow I feel that killing myself would not end my pain. Nothing could ever end my pain. And to make ...

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Egypt Bans The Movie, Exodus: Gods And Kings, Over ‘Historical Inaccuracies’

First, people were refusing to see Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods And Kings, because the people cast to play the lead ancient Egyptians in the film were all white. Those behind the movie have since defended it, including Scott, who told those complaining about the lack of diversity in this re-telling ...

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