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My Bible Story: FLAVIUS

I stare at the goblet before me, its blood red contents mocking me, daring me to swallow and end my misery. I am not great believer in the afterlife, but somehow I feel that killing myself would not end my pain. Nothing could ever end my pain. And to make ...

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My Bible Story: MANOAH’S WIFE

I sit outside my humble home and wait for my husband, Manoah, to return. He is old now, as am I but he enjoys his daily walk in the plains. It gives him time to communicate with GOD. We are alone now once again. It wasn’t always this way. I ...

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David looked ahead and saw his opponent and his heart almost failed him. The giant stood well over nine feet, with armor covering most of his body and a helmet set snugly on his head. His sword looked to be half of David’s height from where he stood. David closed ...

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