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Previously on LAGOS DIARIES… * The driver steered the bus further and further away from any semblance of help for us, until he finally pulled up before a sad, partially-completed building in a derelict neighbourhood. The criminals – four of them – hustled us out of the bus and into the ...

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“You’ve been in Lagos all these years, how could you let such a thing happen to you?” That was what my uncle barked insensitively at me following this episode of my Lagos experience. “This is Lagos. You should be more careful,” he finished. Yes. This is Lagos. But one can’t ...

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POINT BLANK (The B.O. Okoji Experiences: Episode 10)

That fateful Wednesday had begun like every other day. Waking up had being a prodigious task. I slept very late due to the ileya celebrations, which ended with a two-day public holiday. It had been four days of serious gallivanting and holidaying. Grudgingly, I struggled out of my bed as ...

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Robbers now Terrorizing Mile 2 Road in Lagos

The ongoing road construction on Apapa Expressway is causing high traffic on the road and armed robbers are taking advantage of the situation to rob road users, this is according to people who ply that route. Yesterday morning, two MTN female staff working at the office in Apapa were robbed. ...

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