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Sifa Asani’s ‘A Taste Of Love’ Coming Out Soon

Regulars of MyMindSnaps can’t fail to recognize the name of the woman who has penned some of the most incredible works ever published on this blog. In addition to her online stories updated both here and on her blog, sifushka.blogspot.com, Sifa Asani Gowon has debuted a novel, Playing By Her Rules, the book that mixed very expertly the story of love, romance and Christian values.

And now, she has another book coming out soon. It is titled ‘A Taste Of Love’. By her own admission, the woman is an incurable romantic, so she’ll be telling us love stories like Mills And Boon never can.

‘A Taste of Love’ is one of six novels slated for release by Ankara Press on December 15th, 2014. Below is the book’s cover and a brief summary of the book.A Taste of Love‘Adoo Ibi is trying to build her life in Jos, Nigeria while raising her young son, Zander. Abandoned by Zander’s father during her pregnancy and eager to make her own way away from the disapproving glare of her family, she relocates from Makurdi to Jos in hopes of building up her business as a cakemaker. She is determined to overcome all her challenges through sheer hard work, faith and support from her friend and business partner, Aduke.

‘She has little time or inclination for anything else.

‘Toby Enache is a man on the run, even if he won’t admit it. He left Abuja after an incident left him heartbroken and mistrustful of any emotion beyond the pragmatic. He’s content enough managing Bar-Rage, the most exclusive lounge in Jos.

‘A chance meeting with Adoo at the lounge brings his quiet, complication-free existence to an end.

‘They strike a friendship that is platonic and non-threatening, neither willing to trust or want too much. There is far too much potential for hurt and drama. But they can’t seem stop the attraction from growing as they are drawn to one another….’

Aaaaaand the rest you’ll have to find out on www.ankarapress.com where you can get an e-copy at a special ‘launch’ price of N500, on sale from December 15th.

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  1. Where can I get playing by her rules in lagso?

  2. Hmmm! ‘A Taste of Love’, ‘A Slice of Heaven’ or even ‘A Taste of Heaven’; so long as its got Sifa dripping all over it, its sure to be a master blaster; only problem being that paperbacks are so much more preferable for old timers like me! See my dilemma? *sighs*

    Aaaand again I say, hit me up when paperbacks are available! Can’t reiterate that enough and keep soaring too while you’re at it! The plot’s mouthwatering and the illustration on the cover’s so ‘African, retro-chic’! Nice one! LOL

    • shakespeareanwalter

      I’m with you there. The paperback preference, that is. Nothing like curling up in a corner with your eyes and fingers racing over actual pages.

      • Yep! That Walter and just that other very comforting idea that you needn’t worry ’bout network and things, or not having subscribed to some internet service provider to get to read up awesome contents!

        Plus, am a collector with mine mini-library, and NO, am not talking ’bout E-library! That would be for techno-geeks, which happily; I aint! And by golly, its gon’ stay that way too! Sue me! *evil grin*

    • Look at them, old people.

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