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Previously On Facebook: About Saving Mayowa

According to Darren Idongesit Aquaisua:

“I am a humanist but I try to make sure my emotions don’t get to my head when making important decisions especially as regards people’s lives and money.

“The money donated to Mayowa is public money. It wasn’t given for vacation or family members. The sincere thing to do is let the public know how they used it for the purpose to which it was intended and any remaining funds can be transferred directly and every single penny to other cancer patients at pediatric wards in LUTH.

“The family shouldn’t have solicited public funds if issues of transparency were in question.

“The greedy celebrity that goes around trying to become rich and famous off the suffering of others ought to be ashamed.

“Linda Ikeji should be ashamed of herself but that one is already shameless, so I am not even attacking her as negative publicity is what her fame feeds on.

“I stand for accountability and we mustn’t be defined by corruption including public funds for helping an individual who did no wrong in reaching out to Nigerians for help, but at the same time it should be clear that the donations are not Mayowa’s and her family’s neither is it for the greedy celebrity and her foundation. That money is public money and if it can’t help Mayowa then it should be used for what it was intended; transfer every single kobo to aid the treatment of children with cancer in LUTH or use it to buy equipments or cancer drugs.

“Seeking accountability doesn’t mean one is inhumane or evil; we shouldn’t be shamed into thinking we don’t deserve the truth in how public money is spent.”

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  1. All the money in the world isn’t the issue. I just pray that the family’s hopes to save her are not misplaced, considering how advanced she is with her cancer.
    Cancer though… that shit is scary AF!

  2. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. ?????

    Would we be seeking accountability if Aramide, Linda and Toyin hadn’t raised alarm that something fishy is going on?!

    Na so family go probably put something for akamu for the poor girl, pack N85 million and run. Yes I said it. I’ve seen my fair share of evil patient relatives.

    I tire for people. #ISupportToyin.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Someone who shares my cynicism. I was starting to feel like I was being unfair for having doubts about the whole affair. Even with the family coming out to decry the claims, I still doubted.

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