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Previously On Facebook: About Prince

Here’s what Kenny Brandmuse has to say on the issue of Prince, the stigmatization of HIV positive people and the departed icon’s sexuality.


Well, I’m not a Prince fan. No, he did nothing wrong. Just not my type of music. But, I puke at the ongoing conversation that’s already brewing in the Black communities:

How people make a quick connection to HIV once they learn someone they suspect is gay dies. Talk about HIV stigma or serophobia. Talk about homophobia. It’s still a significant burden for a person of color to live openly positive in our communities. Listen, Becky. When we continue to make HIV such a big deal, more infected people will keep quiet about it, and may not get treatment. Once they refuse to get treated, they will infect your sorry ass. Then, you’ll know it’s not a glass of lemonade.

The best remedy for HIV is still ‘treatment as prevention.’ It means if people who are HIV positive (like me) are treated, it’s almost impossible for them to infect anyone even if they sleep with you unprotected. It’s a FACT.

So, when you stigmatize people living with HIV, you actually undo yourself. Because stigma is a boomerang.

WHAT TO DO: Create an enabling environment for people living with HIV so they can seek medical care like anyone dealing with asthma or diabetes.

And lastly, not all gay people are HIV positive. Sadly, we are mostly at risk because the society had repressed gay population through the years. When people go underground, they do anything to survive, and sex is one of such survival tools known to humankind. Again, see what stigma, this time, homophobia can do. Allow your gay son to bring his boyfriend home like your other son brings his girlfriend home, and see if he will go just for anything.

And one more ‘lastly’ – for real, for real – Why would you think Prince was gay? If he didn’t say so, then let him. Go face your own business, or sing Purple Rain or something. And if you don’t know how to sing, go shove a large fist – preferably a Donald Trump’s fist, if it’s not too small – down your homophobic throat and let Prince purple cum fill your pathetic soul.

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  1. This one vex Kenny gaan. I can understand his vexation, it’s the same one I had when people started debating his sexuality after his death. I kept wondering when Prince ever said anything about that, if he even did.

    I see what Kenny did there sha, the Becky and lemonade. So much shade Kenny, so much shade.

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