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Nigeria Is A Failed Democracy

This is where we are, as a country practising democracy. A democratic country where peaceful protests are shut down. Power for the people by the people, right? Well the people just had that power wrenched from them in a re-education of what’s obtainable — that we are in a unique democracy where the power doesn’t belong to us.

Buhari promised us change. Well, Nigeria, he has delivered. He has brought to you Change in a backward motion.

And what’s even more heartbreaking is that even with all this hardministrative evidence, there are still Nigerians who #standwithbuhari. Like seriously, brother, sister, how can your soul be that dead? How? Just how!

A friend of mine said: “I don’t know where the breaking point is. If at this point nothing has snapped, then this could go on forever.”

And that’s what scares me the most: that with the choice we made with the presidency of Buhari is like a bargain made with the devil, you know, that kind where he’ll keep collecting and collecting, and never stop.

If Nigeria hasn’t gotten to that consciousness, breaking point where everyone, everyone, can see that we are getting severely shortchanged by this government, then the 2019 elections that some of us are anticipating to fix things will come and pass, and we’d still find ourselves stuck here, with all this suffering.

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  1. I am tired!
    I’m here, no light, prices of things skyrocketing, and tired.
    I am just tired.

  2. And that is my biggest fear, that Nigerians, gullible as they are, easily intimidated, easily bribed, too shallow to understand real progress, too quick to settle for the routine as achievements, too afraid to stand up for too long, too preoccupied with philistinism might be bullied/bought/abused out of a change in 2019. I am beginning to steel myself for Buhari been in power till 2023.
    I shudder

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