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Jeremiah Chapter 45 Verse 19

Three years ago, at a friend’s house, I met a very religious lady, who spewed the Bible as though the words in it were etched on her brain right from the womb.

I watched her in awe as she argued with three other guys and another lady about the fact that God exists to obey man, as long as man has the faith to command God, irrespective of the nature of the command.

Her argument was that there is nothing like good or evil, that all that exists is just faith.

She spewed verses to support her argument.

Intrigued by it all, and wanting to test the erudite nature of the argument and the mastery of the Bible that fueled it, I decided to join the ecclesiastical battle.

I was on her side.

I supplied my own Bible verse to support her position.

Jeremiah 45, verse 19.

“O Baruch, if thou purposeth to do that which is desireth by thee, fear not of what the Lord thinketh, but in thine heart believeth fully, for it is that which is fully believeth by thee that the Lord answereth.”

She latched on to that verse and argued even more fiercely, on and on, until the three other guys and lady gave up, and accepted that to God, there is nothing like Good or Evil, since what we call Good and Evil comes from Him, and all He understands, obeys and rewards is Faith.

That was three years ago.

Last Sunday, I ran into the same woman at another friend’s house.

She was arguing again.

About the same topic.

With other people.

And as I listened to her, she delivered her ace – Jeremiah 45, verse 19.

The verse I had quoted in support of her three years ago.

The others listened enraptured. They were subdued and defeated.

She smiled in triumph when she was done and received the praises of the others, as they regaled her as regards her perfect knowledge and full understanding of the Bible.

And I shook my head sadly.

For I knew that there was nothing like Jeremiah 45, verse 19.

Written by Jude Idada

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Oh, snap. Lol

  2. ?????????????? I didn’t see that coming

  3. Shows how much we don’t read the Bible but rather rely on others and give us their own interpretation. Jeremiah 45 no even get verse 6. Besides if there’s nothing like good or evil, what kind of knowledge did Adam and Eve gain the fruit they ate? Kama Sutra and Orgy?

  4. ?

  5. ???????? Hehehehehehehehehe. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Hohohohohoho

  6. Whoa?!!!

  7. ???????

  8. Whoever came up with that Bible quotation should be burnt at the stake… Chai… Some people have no chill..

  9. Ewoooooooo….
    She haff enterrit

  10. Hahahaha

  11. The twist in this funny tale…tragic at best, especially seeing as the zealot hasn’t been clued-on ’bout being the butt of jokes! Cluelessness looks really dappy on her! Jokester! LOL

    • shakespeareanwalter

      I swear, she really really REALLY needs to be taken down several pegs. Preferably in the presence of an audience, just after she’s delivered the ‘winning hand’ of Jeremiah chapter 45 verse 19. ??

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