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Jeffrey Archer suggests Angelina Jolie should run for US President

Author Jeffrey Archer has a few ideas when it comes to US politics – suggesting that actress Angelina Jolie would be a suitable candidate for the White House. Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning, Archer – who was promoting his new book, Tell Tale – admitted that he couldn’t have predicted Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency, and suggested that an actor could even assume the role of US leader.

“If I’d written [Donald] Trump two years ago, they’d have said, ‘You’ve gone bonkers, Jeffrey!’” he said. “I’ve given up on political stories. Trump’s changed it… Trump’s better than I’ll ever be. My shock for you is we’ve moved from politicians to a talk show host.”

He went on: “We will now probably have an actor standing. I think Angelina Jolie might well stand. You laugh now. You’d have laughed three years ago if I said Donald Trump.”

Of course if Angie – or any other Hollywood star – were to run for the US Presidency, they wouldn’t be the first actor to do so, given that Ronald Reagan – who was president throughout the 1980s – was originally an actor before entering politics. President Angelina? Well, given her philanthropic work, we reckon she’d be a pretty good candidate for the job.

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  1. Archer is making a mockery out of her and you’re here applauding? He is saying that since Trump can be president then anybody can be, the white house is a joke and actors can make a shot at it.

    Go ahead, be president. We’re fine with being American sweetheart

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