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J.K. Rowling’s Advice For Becoming A Writer

J.K. Rowling had the best response when a young writer asked for advice.

For anyone out there who wants to grow up and be a writer, you know that it’s a tough dream to chase. Even for those out there who are actually full-fledged writers, still, it’s hard. It’s not something that just happens over night; it can often take years of hard work to finally become a writer. Rowling knows this firsthand. Once upon a time, she was just a woman with an idea about a boy wizard, and look where she is now. So, if there’s anyone we can turn to for writing advice about making writing dreams come true, it’s her.

A question was posed to Rowling on Twitter about how to become a writer. The user mentions that his parents don’t believe writing is a “worthy profession” and asks what he can do to change their minds. And Rowling asked that he do what she did: Use a little make believe to get to your dreams.jk

Well, this is amazing advice. And more than likely, writers out there, both aspiring and not, have actually done this little trick already. If you want to be a writer? Just be a writer. You don’t have to tell anyone that’s what you want to be, and pretend you’re chugging along at something else. Spend every moment of downtime you have writing your beautiful masterpiece, and then surprise everyone in the end with all your words.

That’s what Rowling did, and look how well it turned out for her!

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  1. Lol. Funny, by way of its brevity. But true nonetheless. I can deal. 🙂

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