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In The Case Of A Child Versus Gay Parenting

The following update below is a Facebook update where a case is being made for the child born to same-sex parents. All over the world, same-sex couples are getting married and making families, despite several excoriations about their statuses as married people and parents (Hello, Dolce and Gabbana).

Well, here’s a fresh take on the argument against gay parenting. Read below and sound off in the comments section.KD pic 3

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  1. You could keep being imaginative and keep making up problems that possibly would not exist, or you could locate such a child and find out how they feel.
    And children are tabula rasa, like a clean slate. The don’t hate until they learn how to on your planet.

  2. Quite all right, children are like a tabula rasa.
    But then, let’s take this out of the gay scenario which is very sensitive to a lot of people.

    Let’s imagine how it is for a child born to a single parent. How he/she realises that all his peers have two parents and s/he has just one. As expected of kids, questions would arise, since that seems to him/her as an anomaly.

    IMO, this poster actually did make some very valid points.

    • In other words, if a gay couple have the resources to take care of a child and they want children and they have love to give their child, they should consider not having kids, because, well, life’s going to be a bitch?
      Look, every child goes through tough times growing up. Biological children to heterosexual parents, adopted kids, surrogate kids. There’s always the big bad wolf waiting in the form of their peers at school, the playground, church etc. It is left for the parent(s) to ensure that at the end of the day, that child is coming home to the one place he can see as the safest place he/she can be, and that is home, where his loving parents, whether single, gay or straight, is.
      People should not be admonished and forbidden from having children simply because of what people might say or do about how un-traditional their families are. There are all sorts of reasons why children shouldn’t be brought into this world. And gay parenting isn’t one of them.

    • Really, my mum is a single parent. She has been since i was 3 and i would be 22 soon. I still cry, feel sad and have occassional outbursts of emotions. Sometimes i get jealous of my cousins wjp have a wonderful father. what is abnormal shouldn’t be taken lightly. Man may be pure at birth but as he grows older and faces his harsh reality, he begins to question why his has to be that way.
      I absolutely do not want to be a single parent.
      My mum corrects us each time that she is a single parent and not a single mum. I have to consciously call her what she desires so as not to annoy her.

  3. Pile of horseshit! You want to make presumptions? Why not carry out a bloody research on the subject matter rather than spew unlearned opinions outta the mush you call a brain?

  4. Sometimes I think we don’t even want to see reasons with a write up. We just want to criticize it.

    • What would translate to seeing reason with a writeup? Agreeing with it? Criticisms exist when people don’t agree with what the poster says. 😀

    • When it comes to homosexuality, people will ask you to take a breather, so as to see ‘reasons’ with silly unfounded points raised by an obvious homophobe. If you’re raising a child who already thinks there’s a problem with having parents of the same sex, match brake and reverse quick. You’re the problem here. Life has gone beyond the myopic way it used to be. Wake up.

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