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How We Followed The Brangelina Saga

DISCLAIMER: The following is not to be taken seriously. Things have obviously been exaggerated for comical effect. IT’S ALL BANTZ. We will not be held responsible for whatever offense you take if you carry on reading. 
Once upon a time, there lived a powerful Hollywood couple. Their names were Jennifer and Brad. They were the toast of the town, and had a fandom that spread all over the world. Their life was great, that is, until a certain dark-haired, full-lipped lady came along and everything changed. And the fandom was split into two factions destined to go at each other’s throats until the end of time.

This is how it all happened:

1. When rumors of a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie affair started circulating…
Team Aniston:giphy-8                                                          Who let this wolf with plum lips into our hen house?!

2. When Angelina and Brad repeatedly denied the rumors…
Team Aniston:giphy-15                                                                            You’re not fooling anyone oooo!!!

3. But then Oga Brad divorced Lady Jen…
Team Aniston:ezgif-com-video-to-gif-4                                                                     OOOOHHHMMM! WHARANONSENSE!

4. When Brad and Angelina became official, and Team Brangelina was born…
Team Brangelina:20161002_102159                                                               YASSSSSSSSS! 21st century Romeo and Juliet!

5. That time that Jen called Angie ‘Uncool’ for saying she and Brad fell in love during the filming of the infamous ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’…
Team Aniston: giphy-1BURRRRRNNNNN!!! Because that was the white woman version of ‘Shade and Dragging’, so you know it was deep

6. When Brad and Angie started adopting children left, right and center…
Team Aniston:20160628_152041                                                                       Please are you building a football team?

7. When Jen met and started dating Justin Theroux…
Team Aniston:20160628_164846                                                                YASSSSSSSSS!!! Now all these haters can suck it!

8. When we all saw what Justin Theroux was packing, and knew Jen had upgraded…
Team Aniston:giphy-26giphy-22                                                                      Okay, Ms. Aniston! You better werk!

9. When Angie wasn’t pleased that Brad still kept in touch with Jen…
Team Aniston:giphy-16                                                                    LMAO! Why is she mad though?

10. When Jen and Angie appeared on the same award show red carpet for the first time in years…
Both Teams:20161002_100251                                                                                      The universe shook!

11. When both Brangelina and Jen and Justin got married…
Both teams:img_20160628_145100                                                                                               MADE IT!!!

12. But then rumors started circulating of trouble in the Brangelina paradise…
Team Aniston:img_20160703_101210

13. When Brangelina has always been your “bae goals” and now it’s all falling apart…
Team Brangelina:20161002_094815                                                                           Please don’t do us like this! Please!!!

14. When Angie filed for divorce…
Team Brangelina:giphy2                                                                                        Heu CHIMOOOOO!!!

15. Team Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcoming una to the club like:20161008_194220                                                                                Una welcome o! How journey!

16. While all this is unraveling…
Team Aniston:aniston                                                                    *Smiles and takes sip of chilled Zobo*


Created by Deola

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