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Egypt Bans The Movie, Exodus: Gods And Kings, Over ‘Historical Inaccuracies’

First, people were refusing to see Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods And Kings, because the people cast to play the lead ancient Egyptians in the film were all white. Those behind the movie have since defended it, including Scott, who told those complaining about the lack of diversity in this re-telling of the biblical story to “get a life.”

Now, it seems that Egyptians aren’t even trying to touch this movie with a ten-foot pole because they say it’s all wrong.

According to the BBC, the head of the censorship board in Egypt has taken issue with the film depicting that Jews were the ones who built the pyramids, and with the film also depicting that an earthquake, not a miracle done by Moses through God, caused the Red Sea to part. For that reason, the film has been banned. This was confirmed by a representative for 20th Century Fox.

According to the Huffington Post, Morocco has also banned the film, as well as the United Arab Emirates. The director of Media Content Tracking at UAE’s National Media Council issued the following statement:

“This movie is under our review and we found that there are many mistakes not only about Islam but other religions too. So, we will not release it in the UAE.”

Exodus: Gods and Kings has done okay at the box office (it’s doing much better worldwide compared to numbers it’s pulling solely in the U.S., where the film, which took $140 million to make, brought in only $24 million in its opening weekend). But it hasn’t been warmly embraced by critics, including historian Richard Carrier, who told Wired Magazine that the film is “the worst Ridley Scott film ever made, frankly.”

Waitaminute first o, an earthquake caused the Red Sea to part?! :O Hollywood really does have an atheist propaganda. lol

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  1. e clear.. We sef don ban am??

  2. I like the earthquake thing, it made it more realistic. The whole “wall of water thing ” in the bible sounds ficticious…like someone trying so hard to impress people.

    I was worried about the casting though, Christian Bale donned Rosy cheeks for half of the movie. and they couldn’t even apply a proper tan to make them egypt-like..

    I’d also like to correct peoples headache about Egyptians, most of them are tanned.. Not really black like Kenyans.. So I don’t get their point. And yeah the Jews built the pyramids.. They were used as slaves.. The designer might be Egyptian but the hard work was done by the slaves.

    • Jews couldn’t have built the pyramids. The pyramids in Egypt are all older than Abraham. At most, they could have built some cities and public monuments right about the time of Pharaoh Ramses.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      I was reading this comment before I saw the commenter. And as I read, I suspected I would know who the commenter is. And lo and behold, it was Max. No shocker there at all. lol. 😀

  3. Lol…earthquake indeed. I wonder where Scott got that.

  4. It’s just a movie should be able to be tweaked and what not.. So much fuss about ntn

  5. I watched it n I didn’t like it. I get them trying to explain how things happened, but if they r not goin to follow the bible they shouldn’t make a movie about it abeg.

  6. It takes a lot of arrogance for one man to think that by making a movie with a ‘pragmatic’ depiction of the original events, he can somehow retell the version that God and millions of those who believe hold to be true …

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