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Deconstructing The Storm Against Tiwa Savage

As a black man, I’ve always found it interesting going to websites like Stormfront, Breitbart and a few other White Supremacist sites. They – especially Stormfront – are so frank about their racism. It’s not accidental. It’s not something they’re apologetic for. The white race is superior to all other races and they are sure of it.

Of course they have religion and tradition to back them up.

The Christian religion says that Ham saw and laughed at the nakedness of his father, Noah and so, his son Canaan was cursed with having his descendants serve the descendants of Ham’s brothers. This was enough to justify slavery then and it’s enough to justify white supremacy now. It doesn’t matter that race and skin color are never mentioned in the “fable of Ham”. The black man fits the rough sketch. Racism will always find a way to justify itself.

For tradition, they give you a seamless list of whites doing better than blacks, dating from the abolishment of slavery 152 years ago until now.

It doesn’t matter to them that for most of that time, law after law was created to hold black people back and this inequality is at least partially a product of those laws. In their minds, they’ve established a 152 year tradition of the average white doing better as proof of white supremacy, and regardless of the inequalities in the race, they “win”.

Racism will create social structures that perpetuate inequality and then pass off that inequality as proof of its superiority.

There’s science too – such carefully cherry-picked science that it doesn’t appear in peer-reviewed journals. It just pops up on their pages as “fact”.

Luckily for us however, these white supremacists live on the fringes of the internet, away from public glare. And no, they’re not all white. There are black “white supremacists”. You see them on YouTube and the comment sections of 4chan and Reddit. I don’t know how they do it but they go from quote to quote about how black people are the problem with America. They’re always keen to add their race as if black people should get a cookie for denigrating black people.

Now, imagine if one of them did indeed come into the mainstream media to spout his line that white people were superior to black people. He would be summarily dressed down, ridiculed and his reputation left in tatters. It wouldn’t matter that he was black.

Now, let’s apply this parallel to gender equality.

Some black men will bitch from now until eternity about how men are superior to women because of religion and tradition. A foreign religion tells them that their indigenous women are below them and should aspire at most to be the neck of a “superior man”.

Note that this man isn’t superior because he’s more educated, more intelligent, more mature, or even richer. Even though that might be the case, the man is superior just because he’s a man. Religion says so. You know this because even if a woman is all of the above, she must still find a man to submit to.

And tradition has always had men being in charge. That’s the way things have been done. Why change it? They tell you about gender roles and how they hold the fabric of society together. If men start changing diapers, tomorrow young women could go into prostitution and other rolling stone fallacies.

All of this is bullshit in the same way a white supremacist argument is bullshit, but somehow, you will see some black men dismiss the white supremacist argument as nonsense while affirming his sexist trope as common sense, even though they’re founded on the same things – religion and tradition majorly.

We know that men aren’t superior to women.

In the last two centuries, we’ve seen women gain so many rights they didn’t have before, from increased access to education (women weren’t allowed to become doctors until the late 1800s) to voting rights in the US 97 years ago, to the right to join the army, the right to be astronauts etcetera – and every single time, they’ve shown themselves to be just as adept at it as the sex that hitherto excluded them.

Better still, despite the statement by doom mongers that every step towards equality for women was a sign of the end times, the world still exists and is even better for female equality.

So, imagine…

Just imagine that somehow, a female celebrity in your country says that women aren’t equal to men, a statement rooted in religious, traditional and patriarchal ideals that frankly don’t belong in this century.

What differentiates her from the black white supremacist?

Why should she suffer any less ridicule?

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  1. Yea, sure, Ms. Tiwa Savage. It’s good to focus on the man being the head. You keep doing that while he’s busy going for the services of edible catering. ???

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