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#BringBackOurGirlsNOW: So That We May Not Forget

BBOGTo commemorate the 6th month of the abduction of Chibok Girls in Borno State on April 14th, US singer Alicia Keys led other women to the United Nations Headquarters in New York yesterday, where they called for continued efforts towards the release of the abducted girls. Alicia Keys said it is important everyone keeps talking about the issue until it is resolved because humans have the tendency to move on quickly…BBOG2

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  1. Its just a very sad thing this continued stay of those babies in the abyss of those skunks! And we have leaders…or not! I pray for their safe return home to their loved ones; whenever when the time’s right and ripe, cos I honestly dunno when that will be! Thank you Alicia, you do well! E go beta! *sighs*

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Too much time has passed. I doubt they’ll be such innocents when (or if) they are found. This country sef. Justice is hardly brought for anyone anymore.

  2. Don’t I already know it Walter?! Innocence for how nah?! Not unless their captors are eunuchs, the pigs! Hope keeps wearing so thin everyday, but keep on hoping we shall; that they at least see their loved ones again alive!

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