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Beyoncé causes breastfeeding debate on Instagram after sharing date night picture with husband Jay Z

And now, almost two months later, proud parents Beyoncé and Jay Z have enjoyed their first night off mum and dad duty and gone on a date.

Sipping a very small glass of red wine in her Instagram photo, which received over 3million likes, fans were left completely distracted by the pop star’s boobs.

And when they weren’t talking about Blue Ivy and the twins’ mum’s cleavage, they were busy discussing whether Queen Bey was breastfeeding or not.

Calling her out for drinking alcohol, one of her 105million followers wrote: “I guess you’re not breastfeeding then?”

Another commented: “Are you not breastfeeding? If you are then wine is a no no.”

Expectedly, other Beyoncé fans come rushing to her rescue to explain their thoughts.

“You can drink wine and breastfeed. You just have to wait eight hours. You all are some major haters,” said one.

Another defended: “Actually an alcoholic beverage can be consumed while nursing. The milk can be discarded. Also there are milk testing strips to insure milk safety.”

So can you drink alcohol and still breastfeed? According the NHS website, it’s not a problem as long as it’s done in moderation.

It advised: “It’s recommended that breastfeeding mothers have no more than one or two units of alcohol once or twice a week. If you do intend to have a social drink, you could try avoiding breastfeeding for two to three hours per unit after drinking. This allows time for the alcohol to leave your breast milk. You will need to make sure breastfeeding is established before you try this.”

Please make sure you check units in your drink before breastfeeding.

Beyoncé and Jay Z confirmed the arrival of their twins in June including their names Sir and Rumi which caused lots of confusion.

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