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Beisa gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Chocolate brown, kohl-rimmed eyes stared back at her. Full and red lips, courtesy of MAC, beckoned, the bottom held in a light bite from her lower teeth. She wouldn’t normally wear this shade of lipstick, but somehow she felt that the occasion called for it. The allure was unmistakable and she basked in it.

Her black cashmere suit, impeccably made, fit her like a glove. Turning 35 a year ago was a turning point for her…and her marriage. She had always described herself as a handsome woman, and now, she cringed at the thought that she wasn’t at her physical peak. Fifteen years of marriage and four children had taken a toll on her. She was a very confident woman, though. She prided herself on being strong, holding in her emotions and not giving in to histrionic fits. She had gone through enough challenges with Mike to give an ordinary woman high blood pressure, but she had persevered.

She was a pragmatic woman and understood that men had their needs. But in the process of satisfying those needs, discretion was the key word. She was aware of Mike’s little proclivities. However, this time he had gone too far. He had gotten himself one that had been bold enough to come to the house! That was too much. Beisa had kept that to herself though.

She knew that blowing up over the incident wouldn’t solve any problem. She would just end up angry and Mike would simper and beg and the whole incident would be swept under the carpet, only to be repeated again. She was satisfied with the status quo – not happy, just satisfied.

She had a well-paying job as a high level executive in a fast-growing telecoms company, and had the looming chance of getting promoted to partner. She knew that Mike had never really been comfortable with her financial independence. He ‘retaliated’ by exercising his ‘prowess’ elsewhere. It had stopped bothering her after Number 5, chalking it up to his inherent insecurity.

Enough was enough though! She wasn’t about to be pushed around by Mike’s complexes and bravado and some runs girl’s ambition.

Brought back to the present with a sharp intake of breath, she got up and walked out. It was cold outside. The children were asleep and there was enough security around. She got into the back seat of her Escalade, with Esu, her trusted driver cum bodyguard at the wheel. He was a large hulk of a man, with scars across his face and a glowering countenance. He claimed to have endured a harsh childhood and repeated beatings. She didn’t particularly care about his back story: all she needed from him was discretion and protection, and he could be counted on for both.

“Where to, Madam?” he said, his deep voice a rumble.

“The place we visited three days ago.”

Esu grunted in affirmation and the car slowly pulled away, barely making a sound. She leaned back into the plush seat, marveling at the comfort that money could buy. She closed her eyes and thought back over the events of the past three weeks.

She had known that Mike had engaged in an affair almost immediately. The signs were glaring and he never really bothered to change his modus operandi. She chuckled at his bumbling ineffectiveness. She took great care to make sure that her health was not jeopardized and distanced herself from her husband in every way. In retrospect, she thought that perhaps she could have made more of an effort to ‘keep’ him.

She quickly shook her head as thoughts of regret congealed to granite-hard pride. I’m worth more. I deserve better, she thought flintily.

She glanced at the brown envelope that lay by her right and picked it up. It was a dossier of the latest one. She opened it and began to flip through the contents.

Her name was Sandra. The facts were not very interesting and she once again marveled at Mike’s ability to pick the blandest creatures. She supposed it was a hidden desire to dominate and suppress, something he could not do with her. She continued to scan the page: this Sandra was a 300 level student; Political Science; lived in the hostel, etc. It was easy enough to bribe one of the clerks at the university for more information.

Beisa was very discreet. She never handled such things herself. She pulled out a picture of the girl, stolen from her hostel room. She was pretty enough: approximately 5 feet 6 inches, curvy, mischievous eyes and a dimple on her right cheek. Charming…perhaps under other circumstances. But she had made one crucial error: she had encroached on Beisa’s personal space and Beisa would not accept that. Sandra had taken it upon herself to visit Mike in her, Beisa’s, home when she was not in town. Unfortunately, the children had been at home at the time and the two eldest were keen enough to understand who Sandra was and what was going on. That alone was enough to make Beisa’s blood boil and bring her to the point where she felt that drastic measures needed to be taken.

She’d had Sandra tagged and followed for almost two weeks, being liberal with funds to secure the services of a few unsavoury characters. Beisa now knew what room Sandra was in, who her roommates were and her basic daily program. Beisa felt a rush of adrenaline through her veins as she prepared herself for the remainder of the evening.

Written by Sifa Asani Gowon

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Yay. It has started!!!! I enjoyed this. Can’t wait for the rest. Well done, Sifa and Walter.

  2. Scintillating.

    I vote for two episodes weekly.

    I hope she dunks the Sandra’s head in boiling oil. What rubbish!
    Do runs girls not know their boundaries again? All these university students. Mtcheew!

  3. Beyoncé sang away her own pain. But no, Beisa ain’t singing. She’s coming for that Becky. Oh yes, I’m looking at you, Sandra with the good hair 😀

  4. This does have a continuation, right? Like, tomorrow, er, I mean, this evening, shey?

  5. Yes! It’s here. Thank you, nwa Ude. About Family Blues, I wont even talk to you *side eye*

    • LMAO! Shebi becos u saw it in the Related Articles section, your body is now doing you chingum-chingum.

  6. #sigh…and here comes the sad part 🙁 ..the sheer torture, almost excruciating pain I must add,of waiting for the next episode.. can’t wait!

  7. Meanwhile, I second the motion by Milan..who is with me? 🙂

  8. Brilliantly written; it’s a smooth, enjoyable read. Still failing to understand exactly why she’d go after the girl instead of the husband; her intellect and raw independence seem like they’d have tried to keep her within the limits logic. He gets a pass because he’s weak and insecure but the girl doesn’t?

    • …This is one part out of 5 or 6. I’m pretty sure you’ll get your answers by the time the series ends.

    • Like someone said earlier, runs girls should know their place!!! If you cross the line, be prepared for whatever comes next. How stupid are you to go to a married man’s house to do him?! Like wtfkn he’ll is dt?!

      • Runs girls do not break any vows. Married men do that. Let’s remember whom in the equation more is expected from.

  9. Start of something new…sorry,something good. This 1 week waiting period is sha hard,and this my name sef,SANDRA.. can you guys make her a protagonist somewhere,FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. In “THE RETURN”,Sandra is a cynical,self-absorbed ass wipe…. Here now,worse. LMAO

    • shakespeareanwalter

      ??? ??? ???
      About time somebody redeemed the name ‘Sandra’. Don’t worry, perhaps EGTS will.

  10. This is a great premise of what’s to come, the story was beautifully delivered. One week is long but I’ll wait, I have no choice.

  11. Oh, this I’m following…

  12. Rip in advance, Sandra

  13. ??? I’m going to like this one

  14. Sifa is at it again.
    But Walter will always give the incomplete stories and make us sit and think and sit and wait and think and wait till we begin to itch. Oshey.
    I’d really like to know how this ends. A woman calmly boiling with rage like that, can effortlessly kill.

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