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About Tuface And The Nigerian’s Patriotism

I am actually angry.

If half of what is happening in the Buhari-led administration happened during Goodluck’s administration, we would have screamed and protested every single day of the week. What changed? I still remember a few people who called on his resignation every day, calling him spineless and weak and clueless and evil, and who as well attended the Occupy Nigeria protest and other fanciful hangouts in the spirit of patriotism.

Where exactly did your voices disappear to? What happened to your patriotism today? What happened to your gloves?‎

The very people who led and encouraged protests months ago are the ones throwing shades and opposing Tuface, a man who is standing up for me and millions of Nigerians who can no longer afford basic things like matches, kerosene, beans, indomie, handkerchief, gala, sardine, school fees, water, pad and every single thing out there. Tuface is converting our social media and beer parlour rants to visible and tangible action – a protest. Tuface is doing something many of us wish we can do but don’t have enough guts to. He is risking brand endorsements and deals to oppose a tyrannical, hypocritical and a highly insensitive government. He is calling for and demanding for answers, putting his career on the line.‎

A little backdrop: Tuface has always been at the forefront of activism for varying social and political causes via his music. He has advocated for good and accountable governance, education, light, water, and even safe sex. Yes. Safe sex. He has done more than enough. His songs and lyrics are out there. Listen again and pay attention.

And the argument about him being paid to lead a protest falls flat on the face. You people think we have forgotten about the fact that many of you were paid to occupy Nigeria, with fanciful t-shirts, and even when this government towed the same line with the subsidy plan, none of you came out again to occupy Nigeria. Whether or not Tuface is getting paid, the validity of our collective woes under this administration eliminates any argument. We are suffering and it is about time we take it up!‎ And if it takes someone who is paid to do that, fine. WE ARE SUFFERING!‎

A few weeks ago, we saw the fervency with which our security institutions chased a Nigerian who called for self defence against the Fulani herdsmen. How I wish they applied that same passion and urgency in tackling the killers and their supporters. Let us pretend that a sitting governor did not admit to paying the herdsmen to stop killing. These are your leaders paying criminals and terrorists, hugging and kissing your killers. You need no further proof that this country never protects her people. You are your own security. This government doesn’t care about you.

Like I discussed with my friend recently about the Tuface protest, whether or not it succeeds or holds, Tuface has successfully – very successfully – created a national conversation, even bringing out the presidency to foam at its mouth a weak defence of a counter-protest. This government has no shame. And as for the police vowing to stop the protest from holding, that’s bullying! An absolutely spineless action! Oh, so you can’t tolerate opposition? Incorrigible lots.‎

I’ll love to end my rant with something I’ve always said. Tuface is an institution. He is a legend.

PS: Please shelf your holy story about him having many kids out of wedlock. At least he has not denied it. He has embraced his blessings and ‘raindrops’, even making amends and being accountable to his dependants. He is taking responsibility for his beautiful families.‎ He needs no moral pat on the back to speak up. He is a citizen of Nigeria and that’s all the qualification he needs.

Written by Enwongo

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. You asked what changed? Our persin is now in government. So you cannot expect us to come and be fighting our pipu

  2. Nigerians are truly a funny lot. Imagine some people asking if Tuface is qualified because he has different kids from different women. You’ll die of starvation while waiting for Jesus to come protest on your behalf

    • Did you just say Jesus, if Jesus were to come and protest for Nigerians, some of us will still remind him that his mother conceived him out of wedlock, his father’s status as a carpenter, his great great grandmother Ruth practically “toasted” Boaz, that his great great grandfather wrongfully deprived Jonathan of his inheritance etc. our so called “moralnometer” is so sickening and sincerely in Naija parlance “I haf tire”. we are just so used to suffering and smiling and we finish it with ‘one day e go better’

  3. Does the police or the government or whoever have the right to stop a peaceful protest from holding? I am not understanding that part.

    • I think you need to obtain a permit of some sort from the police before any protest in Nigeria.with the right connections and enough palm-greasing,one can get it in a matter of days.

  4. well,isn’t it funny,the same lots cheering on the Americans on their protest are the ones doing anything to stifle protest here.Americans can protest and get good governance but nigerians ?mbanu! they’ll ask you,who protest epp? it’s almost like subconsciously we dont need good governance here and we rather prefer to pray.talk about a classic case of crab in a bucket mentality.

  5. You know, it has stopped being sad that we are selectively reasonable…
    Like someone said, its our people, our time, so sense is thus departed…

  6. Pauline 'Lina' Ife

    Nice one Enwongo but it’s funny to say that same police force in recent interview denied trying to stop 2Baba’s protest; I wish I can upload the video clip!!. ‘Nigerians’ have suddenly become dumb. No one is talking rather they prefer to die in silence and shame. What a pity!

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