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A Disney Tale Of Two Princes And No Princess?

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Reportedly, last year, Disney announced that it would be producing its first animated feature film with two openly gay lead characters who will fall in love and, by the end of the film, even find happiness in a fairytale, same-sex wedding. The film, titled Princes, will be released to theaters in the fall of this year.

The entertainment giant has had a long history of supporting LGBT initiatives. In the late 90′s the company was among the first to extend healthcare benefits to partners of homosexual employees and Gay pride events have been hosted at Disney World since 1991. Many have also speculated that other Disney movies have been Pro-Gay, albeit in a more subtle way. Disney’s blockbuster hit, Frozen, was riddled with pro-gay subtext. Elsa hiding her ice-powers can easily be interpreted as a metaphor for the closet and the Oscar-winning “Let it Go” sounds exactly like a coming-out anthem. However, Princes will certainly mark the first time that the company will produce an animated children’s film starring openly gay main characters.

Princes is an adaptation of the children’s book, “The Princes and the Treasure”, by Jeffrey A Miles. In the book, two handsome princes, Earnest and Gallant, set off to rescue a princess, but fall in love with each other instead. The fairytale story ends with the two princes getting married and living happily ever after. The book has recently been released internationally after initially being available in the United States in February of 2014.9bb748fb8576890b0496d5b8e035cf74a484854b

“I suddenly wondered, why aren’t there any gay princes or lesbian princesses?” Miles told LGBT website Advocate. “Why can’t the handsome prince marry another handsome prince? Why can’t a damsel in distress be rescued by a beautiful princess?

“Kids see that the story is about two people who fall in love and get married. All of the kids who have read the story don’t find it unusual that the two characters who get married happen to be two men. Kids seem to see that love can happen between two people regardless of the couple’s gender.”

I do not know the veracity of these reports, seeing as amplifyingglass.com, the site that published them has a disclaimer that it publishes news from a satirical angle.

But one can’t help but wonder if Disney could one day make this happen.

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  1. The world is not ready for this, not at all. Disney is a strong traditional family brand and they won’t want to do anything to anger their loyal customers.
    Many many years down the line maybe but not now, not in our lifetime

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Lol. You mean, in the time when trains can now fly and machines can make babies?

      • Did you not hear? D&G called those babies synthetic and nothing short of devil’s children. So yes, in a world filled with people like Dolce and Gabbana, they are not ready at all for gay princes.

        • shakespeareanwalter

          Hehehehehee!!! Well, seeing as gay princes in animations is for the kids, I’m sure D and G won’t have a problem advocating for just the synthetic children to watch them.

  2. they have started oh
    which one is this na?

  3. So now they want to force homosexuality and lesbianism down our children’s throat? Civilization comes with them all- good, bad and ugly. Gone were the dats when cartoons and animated stories were good for our kids to watch. Now even those have to undergo scrutiny cos lots of subtle messages are now being passed through those medium.
    No! I can’t allow my kids see the movie.

    • My sentiments exactly!..imagine!

    • shakespeareanwalter

      I’m sorry, but if I understand you correctly, cartoons and animated stories become bad for children to watch the moment it becomes the prince falling in love with another prince?

  4. This is the point I say we will soon start rating the air children breathe.

    It may sound absurd to my very ears, but in places where gay right is all right to be vindicated, it is a wonderful ingenious idea. Will I always be depressed by what is about to be unleashed on my kids? I mean my kidssss. I am frightened, scared and depressed. I cannot say I won’t have kids, neither will I be able to control the gods of internet, data and download in our time where we even have to google ordinary primary 4 or is it basic 4 assignment.

    I hope the world will snap out of this ideology and move on because the havoc created considered beauty, might lead to some kind of sex-based war soon

  5. This is a good idea because it teaches the kids to respect the lgbtq+ people ☺️

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