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18 of the funniest Kardashian memes for every occasion

This family has A LOT of memeable facial expressions…

It’s been a hell of a year for the Kardashians, so what better time to celebrate the KUWTK gang’s incredible ability to make the perfect meme for every occasion…

1. When Kim made a promise she knew she couldn’t keep

2. When Kourtney realised she’d made a huge mistake

3. When Kim refused to admit she was wrong

4. When Khloe used the word ‘shitballs’

5. When Kim spent another evening home alone

6. When Kris spent her last $25 the right way

7. When Kim was like, “Can you just not?”

8. When Kim ‘lost her earphones’…

9. When Kendall and Kylie weren’t sisters anymore

10. When Kim ran out of things to do

11. When Kim may or may not have been a tad oversensitive

12. When Kylie saw that creep from the gym

13. When Kim was Spongebob…

14. …And Draco Malfoy

15. When Kris just wanted to get back to Tindering

16. When Kim was panicking in Tesco Express

17. When Kris thought, “What’s the damn point?”

18. When Kim and North just wanted some alone time

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