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Why Beauty Is Misunderstood

I am one of those young ladies  that’s so keen on worrying about how I look, what to wear, my hair style, shoes etc and I ache to have all those things fixed.

I watch my Mother dance her eyes about every dress I wear, ready always to tell which skirt held too tightly or which blouse showed too much skin and my Sisters wave their fingers at me when I insist on some sort of fashion they consider lewd.

Today, I might be totally confident and beautiful, perhaps because more men have stared and more ladies have given me the traditional attitude arising from jealousy while the next, I wouldn’t  feel like getting up from the warm covers of my bed. But luckily, these days of self inadequacy are becoming few, thinning with my increased thirst for new knowledge because I am grasping the little threads of life in a different way.

We live in an era were society has wired our brain into dimensions it deemed fit. To think we’re not beautiful enough or we have to be a certain size, shape, height and complexion in order to be considered beautiful is a topical illustration of self inflicted inadequacy. Because the models on E are versions of the truths men are easier to deal with, we have chosen to trim ourselves to these versions of the truth and not as we’re supposed to, create our own truths.

This is wrong and you still exist in yesterday if you cradle such narrow mentality in your palms, when you ought to know that society’s definition of beauty is skewed.

We spend extreme amounts a year trying to look beautiful in ways only we have been taught beauty is. We’re unwilling to love ourselves. We want to see someone else in the mirror, someone with a better pivoted nose that makes selfies a lot more attractive, someone who makes more heads turn and more compliments flow.

But beauty is much more than the good looks of humans. Everything else is beautiful. There is a magical perfection to the things created by God but only few can really see it.

Beauty isn’t a matter of cosmetics, nails, hair, creams and make up. Beauty is more about you.  There is so much to beauty like character, confidence, strength, a large heart and a good job.

Beauty is the ability to carry love, the ability to inspire others, to regard for others from your purse and contributing your lot to better the life of others.

Beauty is about the soul of a person.

Develop those traits; stop adhering to the world’s definition of beauty and start creating your own style.

We need to learn to embrace ourselves, stand up for what we believe in, share with the world, because when we’re old and our bodies get wrinkled, these little facets are all that would remain. The character you’ve built over time and the lives you’ve affected.

So today, whatever is your definition of beauty, don’t ever, ever be ashamed of it, own it, sell it, share it and wear it proudly because beauty is evidently in the world and we only need to take off our judgmental glasses to see it.

Written by Unique Immaculate

Unique Immaculate is an upcoming writer in her teenage years who excels in prose and poetry. She is inquisitive, witty, curious with a sharp tongue and describes herself as a dream believer hoping to change the world with her words.

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Well done girl! Your words hold true.
    Catching ’em young, eh Waltz? In other news, sallah break has finished na…WHERE IS EZE???!! *kiss kiss*

  2. Omg this is so lovely, while growing up I didn’t care about about how I looked but with time I felt ugly, i wore Long (ankle length) skirt mearnt for very fat people and big manly shirts that covered my breasts. Some of my so called friends didn’t help matters. Till now I still battle with myself putting on pancake (which i started putting on for the ist time in my 22 years living in this world). it’s really a tough battle when u see other girls with their beautifully carved eye pencil on their eyebrows and lipstick (lipstick is my signature, I can’t live without them so sue me Walter) its quite intimidating how beautiful they look, i say in my mind is makeup (concealer, eyeshadow, i dont even know their names sef) everything? and truthfully it’s not. Yes it’s good to look good but makeup isn’t everything. *Beauty is altogether in the eye of the beholder-Lewis Wallace*

  3. Mary Higgins Clark in “Weep No More My Lady” touched me with a simple quote. The quote is something along the lines of

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you look in the mirror, that beholder is you”

    Nicely written dear. I see you winning awards 🙂

  4. This is beyond excellent.

  5. Sure. That’s what we tell ugly people to make them feel better

  6. Good Piece. Humanity places to much importance on beauty that it gives enough room for misconceptions to sprout. I mean, what’s Beauty without a Good Live bn lived, full with special people to share exciting moments with?

    Physical Beauty fades, nd it’s only temporal. Why not we focus on the permanent beauty such as intelligence, confidence, creativity, humor, goodness. The kind that make people more than just notice us, but wanna stay put in our lives.

    Betting our self worth on our appearances nd how people value us with it there of is like placing ur stability on a hill of Beans.

  7. Such wisdom from one so young … there is hope for us yet. Thanks for sharing dimkpa

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