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January 2014

“It’s time, Aidee,” Jerry said as he walked toward where his girlfriend of three years was sprawled over the sofa in the living room of the home they’d been sharing for two years. She was lazily flipping through a This Day Style magazine, but looked up with mild interest when he came to a stop beside her.

“Time for what?” she enquired, lifting her brows at him. Those brows crocheted with bewilderment when he squatted down beside her.

“Time to do what I should have done ages ago.”

“Which is?”

He lifted his hands to her face, cupping the cocoa-skinned, oval visage in his hand as he said, “To ask you to marry me.”

She stared at him, unable to say a word, dumbstruck by her sudden happiness. She was suddenly so giddy with delight that she knew her answer must be plain in her eyes. In that moment, she was joyfully aware of his every aspect. His hands warming her cheeks… His face very dear to her… “Are you serious?” she said in a husky tone.

“Aidee Erhime Agoreyo, will you marry me?” The kiss he punctuated the question with was long and slow. When he raised his head, she was bursting with her yes.

He smiled warmly at her and got seated beside her, stretching out his legs so he could pick out from his side jean pocket a small black box. Aidee watched with fountaining glee as he snapped the box open, and she gave a small gasp when her eyes fell on the ring nestled on the velvet inside. It was a simple design, a small diamond set in the center of an antique gold rose. The stones twinkled softly in the late Sunday afternoon light as Jerry picked it out from the box and slipped it onto her ring finger.

“There you go,” he murmured, “the future Mrs. Jerry Ifeanyi Chiemeke.”

She gave a small squeal of delight, clapping her hands together briefly, before splaying her fingers before her eyes to stare at the glittering rock. Oh, the girls would die when they heard the news, she thought. They would simply, absolutely die! For all of the three years she and Jerry had been dating, they’d all been wondering if and when her six-figure-earning, oil-corporation-working boyfriend would propose. Three years of her life, she’d dedicated to being this man’s woman. Two years of it she’d spent playing house with him. And now, it had all paid off. She was wearing his ring – and an expensive-looking one at that.

Oh, he had set the ball rolling with this rock, Aidee thought, still gazing entranced at the ring and how it reflected the noon light in an attractive myriad. It was left for her to make the finish line a most memorable event this town had ever known.

But first, the girls had to be brought up to speed.

“Don’t you agree, Aidee?”

Her head swung round to face Jerry with a small start when she heard her name. He was staring at her, obviously waiting for a response.

“No,” she answered automatically. A woman must never agree readily to whatever her man suggests, her mother had taught her, whether she knows what he’s talking about or not.

He gaped at her. “Come on, let’s just get it over with. I just want to get quickly to the part where we get to spend the rest of our lives together.”

“Wait a minute, get it over with – you mean our wedding?” She stared incredulously at him as understanding set in.

“Yes. I was thinking we should fix it in June.”

“No!” she burst out. Boy, am I glad I said ‘No’ the first time. Thank you, mum.

“No?” he queried.

“No,” she reiterated. “June is five months from now.”


“So, who plans a wedding in five months?!” She threw her hands up in exasperation. “You men – you just don’t get it! You expect miracles all the time! This is going to be my big day –”

Our big day, darling,” he corrected.

My big day, darling,” she maintained. “And I’m not about to rush it. It will have to take at least one year to get everything just right.”

“One year?!” Mild shock eclipsed Jerry’s features as he stared at his new fiancée.

“Yes!” Aidee sat up, sweeping her feet to the ground and her phone up from the sofa beside her. She was already tapping away at her keypad as she continued speaking. “There’s so much to do – caterers to hire, invitations to scrutinize, seating arrangements to organize, venues to pick, and finally the perfect dress to purchase. If I get started now, we can have a wedding latest February next year.”

“So we get engaged this year, and we get married next year?” Jerry said, subconsciously nursing the suspicion that the driver’s seat of whatever vehicle he and Aidee had been in all this time had just been wrenched from him.

“Exactly, darling, I knew you’d get it.” Aidee’s eyes were on her phone as her thumb swiped over its touch-screen. Then her lips curved into a smile, her eyes sparkling with refreshed delight. “It’s perfect. It’s even a Saturday. It’s so my date. I knew it!”

“You knew what? What’s your date?”

“Our wedding date, honey.”

“When is it going to be?” Jerry said in a defeated tone.

“February 14, next year,” his fiancée announced, before rising to her feet and sauntering out of the living room, already on her first call of her wedding plans.


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  1. Apology not accepted and why do I have a feeling I already know how this story ends?

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Hehehee. Oh this one is a story without a twist. Anyone who’s been following our current affairs will know how it ends. The thrill of the series is in the narration, not the ending.

    • It ends when Feb 14 turns out to b presidential election day nd d bobo falls nd elopes with another sisi to Seychelles!

  2. It nice and captivating, keep me glue to my screen all through.

  3. Kai! This is gonna be one beautiful Love Tale!
    Walter, thanks for doing this!
    Can’t wait for next week to come o!

  4. *In a shaky, old voice*

    ………. And so children, that was how this onuku igala lost her man .
    What was the moral in d story children?
    Nkechi: Its not good to b greedy.
    Luke: Selfishness doesn’t help.
    Miriam: an elaborate wedding is not a ticket to a happy marriage.

    I foresee doom for that gal @ d end! DOOM IN CAPITAL LETTERS!

  5. Females and their antics eh! The guy go hear am. Lol!

  6. Their wedding must hold to the shame of the people who have predicted Doom. DOOM in capital letters!

  7. *peeping through comments, nods slowly, resumes sketching Aidee’s figure*

  8. Walt was right…….this is a low-budget Indie movie

  9. He finally proposed and you need 365 days to plan the wedding? what were you doing in the two years you were playing house with him? Let me not say what I’m thinking shaa.

  10. Ehn ehn, e clear, Jerry is sure marrying his match or should I say his man? Let next week do and come…

  11. This Aidee looks like trouble already… This is going to be fun…

    PS: I’m still waiting for someone to use my name in one of their stories oooo.. Is it not a nice name ehn?… *hisses*

  12. Kai! I smell rat. As in, Rat with capital ‘R’ cant wait till next week to read the subsequent part. Thanks Walter, i enjoyed it.

  13. I seriously don’t get it. One year to plan a wedding! C’mon!

  14. Ah! One year for wedding planning?


    Walter, thanks for creating this blog.

    Jerry, Aidee, hmmm,! I no fit whisper.

    Chinyere, where are thou? The spoiler, I know.

    waiting for the next episode.

  15. LOL All the wahala of planning wedding’s phew. I think i’m the only one who want a short court wedding + reception 2 months after the proposal (no need for crowd). 😀

  16. real oluku igala,

  17. A story most apt to begin a week. We can only keep our fingers crossed. Walter, drive us gently o.

  18. Ghen ghen!

  19. Its gonna more than a year sef.. one year..one month (depending on the exact date in January..lol).. See as the babe ‘jus (wan) throway’ “her six-figure-earning, oil-corporation-working boyfriend”! Hmmm..

  20. Lovely opening episode. Unfortunately I have to wait till next week TUESDAY for the next one. By the way Walter, I also want a character with my name oh.

  21. 1 year to plan a wedding afta 2 yrs of playin house???!!! This girl must b high on something! Nice work Walter. P.S wats happenin wit CSI 9ja

    • shakespeareanwalter

      You’ve obviously not been around here in a long while, deinma. 🙂 CSI concluded awhile ago.Or are you asking about its season 2?

  22. I’m loving this story already, nice work Walter… P.S. I just voted Goodluck, so glad he’s winning…

  23. Great opening. Oh and today is Wednesday *combing my mind snap for the next episode.

  24. Late comer as usual. Clearing my blog reading backlog.

    Chi boy is not well.
    Good thing you’re doing to Jerry what he did to us all on Facebook. By the way, I’ve known tey tey that this Aidee geh will haf agidi.

    Enjoying the series…

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