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What Groom Had To Say Ro ‘Meninist’ Tweet Mocking His Beautiful Wedding Moment

When a misogynistic Twitter account mocked a beautiful moment from his wedding ceremony, 23-year-old Adam Harris was not having it – and the Internet was there to back him up.

On May 22, the account tweeted an image of Harris during his wedding ceremony to its 850,000 followers, offering this offensive commentary on the emotional moment:Screenshot - 5_28_2015 , 4_39_46 AM

Though the @MeninistTweet account bio claims it is a parody, it’s unlikely the intentions behind the account’s sexist comments are anything other than to offend.

Unsurprisingly, the account wasn’t interested in the actual emotion captured in the image. Harris described the moment to The Huffington Post. It was the first time he’d laid eyes on his wife-to-be on the day of his wedding ceremony, he said.

“When she emerged through the doors I couldn’t hold it in,” he said of his bride, Tisa Forrest. “She looked gorgeous.”

The image captured “a mix of excitement and pure happiness,” he said. Harris, a writer in Austin, Texas, responded to the tweet directed at him and his bride like a true gentleman:Screenshot - 5_28_2015 , 4_40_45 AM

Soon, other Twitter users shared messages of love and support.Screenshot - 5_28_2015 , 4_41_20 AMScreenshot - 5_28_2015 , 4_41_41 AM

Harris said he was aware of the intended humorous tone of the tweet, but found nothing comical about his beautiful wedding moment. “I knew they were trying to make a ‘joke,’ but it simply wasn’t funny and I’ve seen similar memes that I’ve corrected,” he said. “So I responded in kind.”

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  1. Making a joke out of something emotional like that pix up there makes u come out as a …………………… JERK! An insensitive one @ that!

    But bia oh, ndi ocha abi ndi ocha missiri uzo can like to marry early shaa like our ndi ofe ose brothers!
    I would definitely be crying for my side anything nd not just side hoes!

  2. Such a perfect response…i envy Adam’s character! I wanna be like that…

  3. Beautiful couple and by his response, you can see the depth of what he feels for his wife.
    I suppose 23 is young…but then maturity and responsibility count too. Some young people are ready and know what they want. He’ll enjoy his kids and retirement early! 🙂

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