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Westboro Baptist Church’s Response to Kim Davis Was Unexpected

Buy some ice skates… Hell has frozen over. The hate-mongering organization known as Westboro Baptist Church has come out of the closet with its disapproval of the antigay Rowan county clerk Kim Davis. Davis, an Apostolic Christian who has been married four times to three different men, is in violation of the biblical admonition against divorce, Westboro says, in reference to a passage in the Bible that refers to divorce and remarrying as a sin. The church is even calling for her resignation.

Stating, “If Kim Davis has any real fear of God, she’ll resign and move out of the house from the man she lives w/ in adultery,” the organization has been quite active on social media expressing its disdain for the jailed Rowan County Clerk. In addition to its binge tweeting, the church has also been circulating photoshopped images of Davis with the captions, “INCONVENIENT TRUTH: GOD HATES DIVORCE” and “DIVORCE + REMARRIAGE = ADULTERY.”cn_u4wswiaayc1z.jpg-large

Here are some of the gems that have been posted on the WBCSaysRepent Twitter account:westboro1westboro2westboro3

It’s interesting that the organization would take the stance that Davis violated her oath since part of said oath is issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

But, alas, don’t go breaking out the champagne just yet. While it might look like Westboro has suddenly jumped over to the same side of the fence as the LGBT community, they are still very much against marriage equality. Even though the church perceives Davis as an adulterous, sinful county clerk who has not done her job, the organization somehow feels that she is partially responsible for what they call “fag marriage.” Perhaps the people over at Westboro don’t fully comprehend that Kim Davis doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage either, and she’s in jail for refusing to issue licenses for those very marriages.

Anyway, we don’t know whose side to take in this spat. So we’re all just here like:anigif_enhanced-buzz-24461-1421714755-8

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  1. Wait, what? Surely this is a prank. They abandoned one of their own? Well, not necessarily one of their own but still, she is doing God’s work. You’ll think that’s at least gotta count for something. These Westboro guys ain’t loyal.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Not loyal at all. Hahahahahaa! They couldn’t just back her up in the fight of God’s authority. They had to get distracted by that little really-insignificant detail of her marriages. Tsk tsk.

  2. she should resign oh! Simple! The same bible she touts calls for obedience to authority. The government is one of them. The Bible also enjoins Christians to ‘cut off’ anything that will cause them to derail. Not fight. “if thine right eye will cause you to sin, pluck it out” not “go to an optician”. In other words, “if your job will cause you to sin, resign” not “fight your employees”. She is a psychopathic matyr, just like that priest in ‘murder in the cathedral’. I would suggest psych evaluation if I were the judge

  3. It’s annoying that people who have been looking for how to diss Christianity are having a field day because of her. Mtcheew

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Sallie, ultimately, I don’t believe for one second that she is doing what she’s doing for the good for Christianity. This is simply a woman who has stumbled upon more than fifteen minutes of fame, and is milking it for all that it’s worth.

  4. Just like two children, one named Kim and the other named Westboro, fighting over how exactly to please daddy (in this case, God). Tsk tsk

  5. She’s just a psychotic attention seeker. She needs help.

  6. Everybody interprets the bible to his taste. Until people start applying commonsense & stop cherrypicking passages in some ancient writings, we will always have such situations.

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