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‘The towels could have AIDS.’ – warns Preacher Pat Robertson about Kenya

Africa has suffered. Wallai! Day after day, we get westerners whose obnoxiousness and ignorance, whether deliberate or unknowing, show us up to be a really abhorrent continent. Just imagine this report.

Apparently, TV preacher Pat Robertson recently warned his viewers that they needed to be careful when traveling to African countries like Kenya, because “the towels could have AIDS.”

During the Thursday edition of The 700 Club, a viewer told Robertson in an email that God had called them to go on a mission trip to Kenya, but friends and family had said that it was dangerous because of the recent Ebola crisis.

Robertson pointed out that there was not currently an outbreak of Ebola in Kenya, but there were other problems.

“You might get AIDS in Kenya, people have AIDS, you’ve got to be careful,” he explained. “I mean, the towels could have AIDS.”

He added that other dangers in Africa included “various diseases” from mosquitoes, and unsterilized water. But he also recalled that he was in Zaire during an Ebola outbreak “and there wasn’t all this panic.”

“It’s one of those things, it’s a horrible disease, but it can be contained, and it can be dealt with,” Robertson observed. “But being a few hundred miles away from an Ebola outbreak means you are totally safe.”

While the televangelist’s Ebola advice seemed reasonable, health experts say that his assertion that towels can “have AIDS” is totally wrong. According to the U.S. Office of Women’s Health, HIV cannot be spread through “sharing food utensils, towels and bedding, telephones, or toilet seats.”

Watch the video below from CBN’s The 700 Club, broadcast Oct. 15, 2014.

Nonsense, rubbish and everything in between! Mscheewww!

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  1. If God really called those guys then they ought to worry abt nothing. Last time I checked, God doesn’t think like humans.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Do you pay any mind to that preacher? My indignation is the fact that he is willfully using his podium as a TV preacher to spread false information.

  2. I’ve never understood why this man is still on air, why he is still actively spreading hate message and false propaganda.
    On one end he says the right thing about Ebola and on the other disastrous end, he pulls it all down with the false HIV news. Now his myopic listeners that can’t point Africa on the map, let alone Kenya would carry around the notion that the country is one whole pile of HIV mess.
    So many things we say in the name of religion and get away with it, way too many

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Aswear. I can’t with some people. Especially when they’re in a position of influence over a populace, and are not intelligent enough to know the real impact of what they say.

    • he’s still on because he markets himself like he’s an authority. his set looks like a number of reputable and respected news sources. he mixes truth with lies and throws in a few good deeds and people buy the whole package. the problem isn’t necessarily him, but us–how we assign value.

      • shakespeareanwalter

        I’m frankly kinda shocked though at his audacity. HIV has been around for a long time. This guy can’t tell me he’s not intelligent enough to know what the facts about HIV are.

    • He sure loves the taste of his foot in his mouth…

  3. Hmmmm. Didn’t they say that if the message has grammatical error it isn’t inspired. I wonder what it is when it has rational death. Mbok.

  4. I believe he was just trying to be funny, insensitive- yes, but im pretty sure he knows HIV is way more than that. Sometimes on tv at the spur of the moment you can say wrong things. Everyone makes mistakes.

    • Vic, you’re kidding, right? He was just trying to be funny? He made a mistake? Which one exactly is it? His stab at hilarity or his folly? Because neither excuse works. He’s a preacher, not a comedian. And hє’d have to be a dunce to make such a mistake of passing such false information on National television.

  5. Chai! The towels could have AIDS?! For how nah! If he was trying to be funny, then he flunked it completely without having to try at all! This is so downright appalling, just plain inexcusable! Where does he get off spreading such falsity and propaganda ’bout a whole country?! At what point are the Kenyan authorities and the diplomatic community supposed to wade in, hold him accountable for his actions and have him take back those cruel words?! He oughta be made to issue a public apology or slammed with a lawsuit altogether! But no, he’ll be left alone to keep on slandering and spreading falsity with ‘supreme’ confidence! What cheek! This is just grossly inacceptable! So not fair! Psst!

  6. Senility!!! Ha!!! What can beat senility? And people still watch his programme…. SMH sadly

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