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The Things They Tweet…about Religion and Violence

It is Sunday, and a couple of days ago, writer Elnathan John had some things to say on Twitter about religion. Check on his tweets and let us know your thoughts.PicturesPictures1Pictures2Pictures3Pictures4

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  1. I dont disagree with anything said here.

  2. I agree especially with the Christian angle. We’ve come to belief Christianity preached peace but go to so many night vigils, look at many posters and a recurring theme you shall find. Violence, violence and more violence against ‘enemies’ that ain’t even proven to be enemies. Fighting your friends, family or neighbours because pastor said if anyone looks at you with both eyes open then he must be of the devil and wants your demise.
    I pray for a total overhaul of religion even though its almost impossible but this is Sunday, i believe in Jesus and I’ve got to believe in his ability to work miracles.

  3. Religion is the opium of the (simple minded) masses! Take a break from the opium pipes and inhale some fresh air and you’d see how the world will be a better place.

    I have no time for organised religion

    • This is MMS, not your preffered place to spew this.

      • My dear, seeing as you are not the owner of the blog, you really do not get to tell me what to say here and what not to say. I think you know what to do if you don’t want to see my comments here!

        • You’re right, i have no right to tell you what to do. My apologies. I also know what to go do right now, thanks for subtly telling me.

    • Besides are you saying the world cannot be a better place if we don’t inhale the religious opium? That only simple minded people are religious? Really Dennis? Really?
      Why can’t you let those that are religious be? If you don’t believe in Religion or the organised ones as you say then let those that believe be. Tell me what would you gain from turning someone out of his religion? If that what gives that person peace then let them be.
      You find happiness in not following any diety, nobody is calling you smart or dumb. Get enlightened Dennis, apparently you’re also inhaling the opium

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Lol. Dennis, you and this your opium sef.

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