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The Things They Say…About Nigeria Post-Antigay Law

“When we were saying you guys, don’t let them pass that anti-gay bill, y’all thought we were tripping. When we were saying that doing something like that empowers every ignorant person, when we were screaming our guts out, crying, begging, fighting, you people thought we were crazy. Our morality was called to question. You threw passages from your bibles and Qur’an at us, and when that failed, you threw our history as Africans in the mix. When that didn’t suffice, you appealed to us to sympathize with your personal sensibilities and feelings of disgust.

“Now an innocent boy, a young life has been cut off so brutally. How are you liking your morality now? Now you are crying ‘no they should not have killed him’. Well fuck you very much. All of you who supported the gay bill, you all killed Olumide, you, you and you. Hope you’re happy.

“He’s only the first. More will die. I hope you sleep well. I hope you’re happy in the upholding of our joint national morality. I hope you are secure that with every gay person mobbed, Nigeria becomes safer for you and your children.

“Enjoy your gay bill, you hear?”

In a Facebook post, Pearl Osibu reprimands the general homophobic Nigerian public.

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  1. ‘Well fuck you very much.’
    LOL!!! When I fell in love with Pearl Osibu was when she took on Linda Ikeji during that plagiarisation drama last year. Chai! Nigerian homophobes, fuck you very much indeed.

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