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The Things They Say…about Flaunting Wealth on Social Media

unnamedSinger Harrysong says the wad of cash he showed off on instagram last week is his, and not borrowed like many fans on his instagram page said.

He tells Encomium Magazine: “How can I borrow money and flaunt it on social media? It will be stupid of me to do that. It is my money. I went for a show in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state. The organizers were to pay into my account but they didn’t. Instead I was given cash. It was a concert organized for students of a tertiary institution in Uyo. It is money from my hard work.”

But seriously though, I don’t get this excessive need artistes have to flaunt their wealth on the social media. You’re rich and making boatloads of money, we already get it. What statement are you then trying to make by splashing all the bling-blings and chiddas on the internet? And you are you really making the statement to – the public or your fellow performers?

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  1. It’s a poverty mentality! You know new money syndrome as I would call it. When they start making money they never believed they would make, they loose it. Deep down these people are all poor people: that’s the state of mind they have.

    This is my issue with Nigerian ratchet celebrities, take a trip to the instagram accounts of Hollywood celebrities and you will only see pictures of projects they are involved in and red carpet looks. But Nigerian celebs? That’s another matter! That Mgbeke girl they call Chika Ike went shopping in Dubai that people have been doing for years, we have to run away for her!

    Call me a hater if you like

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Chika Ike… *sigh* Her matter is on another level. The chick has this acute need to let us all know she’s a BIG GIRL. Shopping trips, boat trips, new house, every-every. If she’s flying high, the world must be in the departure lounge to watch her take off.

  2. Oh dear Harry! You just cannot help goofing off, can you?! First it was the incestuous parenting episode and now this?! What difference is there between showing off your hard-earned gbemu or someone else’s ehn?! Either ways, its wrong, gosh! *smh*

    Take a man outta the gutter, question is…..how do you yank off the gutter outta the man?! That’s one question for the gods right there and it beats me the crap outta me! *sighs*

  3. Well…that’s an open I.V to Robbery, I wonder what real Millionaires will think if they see that….hmmm…short on Words…

  4. it is self esteem issues….they need you to gawk for them to feel good…

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