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The Things They Say…about Christians and Sex

In a Nollywood movie on Africa Magic, a “Christian” woman advises her friend to cover herself with the blood of Jesus anytime she has to have sex with her unrepentantly promiscuous husband as a “preventive” measure against STIs and highly possible HIV.

Is it just me, or is something very wrong with this? Now, I sampled this opinion elsewhere and the number of women who agreed with the above advice, made me thankful for my jaws which are fixed. If not, my mouth would have been lying open, on the ground.

Dear sister of mine, I don’t give two rats left ears what your Pastor said about “owing” your husband sex. You don’t! Marriage is a contract and one of its terms is fidelity between a husband and a wife. If your man is making a habit of housing his koboko in different containers, protect yourself with condoms or stop sleeping with him.

I said, I don’t care a twit what your so-called Christian brothers and sisters mean by saying you cannot stop sleeping with him unless by agreement. Did he agree with you before breaking those vows of fidelity?

When you catch and die of HIV, they won’t be there to raise your children as you would have. The highest eulogy you’ll get is “Eh yaaah! Poor woman…so young…”

That pastor will stand at your tomb and intone, “God giveth and God taketh…” Which God?

God giveth commonsense – USE IT!

Condoms are not of the devil – BUY THEM!

You can survive without sex – STOP SLEEPING WITH HIM!

Kai! The blood of Jesus don suffer!

This admonishment is brought to you by Eketi Ette 🙂

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  1. Of course that is a nollywood thing but wait oh , as a man or a woman u know very well that your spouse is juncating outside and you expect the blood of Jesus to save you? Na so death sweet you reach? We should stop giving the blood of Jesus unnecessary workload biko.

  2. Eketi!!!! Lwkmh

  3. nollywood will be the death of many….

  4. I gree L☺l. Make una let blood of Jesus rest abeg. Make dem no invoke am on top dia foolishness. God gave us free will too so we can discern. Our pastor is only human too. Interpreting what we all cab read 4rm the bible.

  5. First time I am reading this, I feel like writing something on this. Marriage is a contract of fidelity yes. But it is not just about fidelity. it is so much more! let’s stop reducing marriage to sex alone!

  6. I just had to laugh out loud.well written……Nollywood and their wahala…..lolz….sometimes, watching their films is comedy…lolz

  7. Nice one girlfriend. We should stop wasting the blood of jesus! Haba its too precious. And my dear, common sense is not as common as people think.

  8. blood of Jesus don suffer for ignoramus ppl hand, chai! Diaris God oooo!!

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