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The Things They Say…about satisfying men

“In the first place, it will take a lot before my husband can go for another woman. That can only happen when I don’t satisfy him in everything, which I do. It is only when a woman does not satisfy her man in everything that he goes in search of other women. I’ve never caught my husband with another woman, so I don’t believe all men are polygamous in nature. I don’t think so. There are good men and I married one.”

Ex Delta soap model cum actress, Angela Okorie in a chat with Sunday Express Entertainment says it takes a man who doesn’t get everything from his wife to cheat on her.

I don’t know whether to commend this woman for her faith or scorn her for her naiveté. ang9

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  1. What a blithering load of horse manure!
    Is she that naïve or has she been watching too much of Lekki Housewives?
    A man who wants to cheat, will cheat. If you like, satisify him with the universe. And point of correction, cheating men generally try hard not to get caught. Not catching your husband isn’t a point is his favour….ore yours either. It just makes him a good Houdini and you, a sloppy wife badly in need of a Sherlock Holmes.

  2. Eketi don talk am finish, Gbam! Responding to your question Walter, I suggest that you scorn her for her naivete, because she strikes me as an absolutely clueless chick, with her head floating in the clouds. She really needs to be told there exists some men out there with roving eyes irrespective of how much ‘satisfaction’ their wives gives ’em. For them, one woman will not just do, period! I just hope her hubby’s not of the same specie as Akon, who says besides his legal wife, he’s also gotta have both a ‘side chick’ as well as a ‘jump off’. Ashawo man! Psst!

  3. *In concerned tone* What’s a jump-off?

    • You’ll have to look closely at the articles tagged ‘Related’. The one in ‘social circles’ titled ‘ Men are put on this Earth to be polymous- Akon’. You’ll find all the answers you need and so much more. *in concerned tones*, I hope I’ve been able to help you out? LMAO!

  4. if she says she married a good man who won’t cheat then why should we scorn her. There are good men out there and if she’s fortunate to have bagged herself one and she puts in extra effort to satisfy him then good for her.

  5. There are good men out there and my man is one of them. He loves me silly and I love him stupid! He won’t cheat on me if I give him EVERYTHING! Because he is Jesus Christ….

  6. I just love reading the comments ?

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