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The Things They Say: 171

“It’s nice to have money. I didn’t grow up with it so it’s nice to have it.

“I’m not at all frugal and I don’t save – to my business manager’s dismay. I like to be generous. I can’t stand people who are tight with their money, it drives me crazy. It’s different if you’re scrimping and saving because you need to, to save up for something. But I cannot stand cheapness.”

Hollywood star, Scarlett Johansson admits she hankers after wealth and squanders money.

While she commands huge fees for her film appearances, including a reputed £13 million for Avengers 2, she has also amassed a stable of sponsors, with top-brand firms paying her £3 million a year for acting as an ambassador for their goods. celebs 49

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  1. And she doesn’t save…not even a dime?! Hmmm

  2. Sweetim, just hope to God that them endorsements and juicy roles keeps pouring in o, otherwise, thou shalt be sitting on a very long thang, when thou art all broke-assed and worst off than when you started. I see you clearly, heading to the cleaners with this attitude. And bankruptcy don’t look good on noone, not at all.

    Life comprises of two seasons: the season of Abundance and Famine. No matter how stupendously rich you are, there will ‘everly’ be an ‘Off Season’, where you don’t rake in as much as you oughta. One’s expected to save up as much as one can during those yrs of abundance, to make up for the years of lack. Its just a natural law, not film trick.

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