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The Things They Say: 170

“You can have fun, but you have to be responsible. You have to be safe. Protect yourself. You have to look out for yourself because nobody else can do that for you. It’s a real disease and if we can just protect ourselves, and be more responsible about it. I think that’s important for young people.”

Rihanna discusses the impact of HIV/AIDS on youths with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.Screen-shot-2014-01-29-at-9.34.35-AM

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  1. Wow.this is cool.

  2. See how pretty she is IN CLOTHES.

  3. Talked like a responsible person.

    Lols @Evan, some people prefer not looking pretty

  4. Is that Sister Rihanna dressed like a victorian? Please preach it aunty, as people will learn not only smoking weed and staying nude, but be responsible too.

  5. Talk is cheap and I bet with Rihanna, ‘its do as I say, not as I do! The easiest part is preaching it, the hardest, doing. I hope she’s really DOING!

  6. Yes yes that is a very ‘responsible’ statement she made. And she looks cute too.

    But on a serious note- upon all our shouting about ‘being responsible’ and ‘staying safe’…why are the statistics of STDs (not just HIV/AIDS) still not going down? And why is it that when anyone suggests…oh, I don’t know, maybe a little sexual restraint, they are not taken seriously?

    Anyhoo…I don’t take anything most celebrities say seriously these days because I often wonder at the authenticity. My opinion sha…


  7. She is more pretty on that dress& more wife material… 🙂 (No mind me she one of my favorite actress)

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