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The Things They Say: 169

”I think that the mere fact that everyone is talking about Justin, and Miley Cyrus, now shows that they know exactly what they’re doing. In this day and age there really isn’t bad publicity, no matter what has happened. With what’s happened with Justin these past few weeks he’s probably got a new record that’s about to come out, I would almost bet my life … He’s got to do something to drum up interest in him so if that means going and getting arrested, or egging his neighbour’s house he does whatever it takes. It seems to be working with Miley Cyrus, at the end of the day people are talking about her.”

R&B singer Brian McKnight believes Justin Bieber’s recent wild antics are part of a bigger plan by the pop superstar to make his music even more popular.Pictures

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  1. A crazy world we live in. Why not just take the easy route by simply making good musics and see if you wouldn’t be popular as opposed to making a big fool of yourself and throwing tantrums all over the place. Must be really exhausting Justin, I mean REALLY! Psst!

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