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The Tattoo Curse: Celebs Stuck With Inked Reminders Of Past Love

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s split comes with many questions, including what she’s going to do with that “Brian” tattoo along her bikini line. And what’s he going to do with Megan’s name inked on him? They’re two of the many stars who’ve been stuck with a permanent reminder of their former love.

47fd4ac0-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Megan-Fox-Brian-Austin-GreenMegan Fox and Brian Austin Green: The actress had “Brian” scrawled on her lower hip for her husband of five years, while he had her name inked on his chest. Since the couple announced a split in August, the fates of both tattoos are still to be determined, although both have had ink removed before.

3dc4b700-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Heidi-KlumHeidi Klum: The Project Runway producer had ex-husband Seal’s name in an abstract design alongside their children’s initials on her right inner arm in 2008. After their seven-year marriage sadly ended in 2012, she began having it removed.

25915760-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_Halle-BerryHalle Berry: After her marriage to baseball player David Justice ended in 1997, Berry had the ink of his name on her right buttock changed into a sunflower. How’s that for being positive?

45ef2b40-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Mariah-Carey-Nick-CannonMariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Before the singer and America’s Got Talent host even went public with their romance, they made their love permanent — well, semi-permanent. He put her first name across his upper back in huge letters, and she got butterfly wings around “Mrs. Cannon” on her lower back. They married in 2008, and when they split six years later, Cannon didn’t waste any time covering “Mariah” up with an elaborate tattoo, including two cherubs — representing his children Monroe and Moroccan — on either side of a crucifix, and script that reads, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” on his lower back.

32426530-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_Christina-AguileraChristina Aguilera: Christina had a beautiful saying — “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” — above husband Jordan Bratman’s initials etched on her lower back. Except the two weren’t so beloved after their split in 2010. At least the words are “Beautiful”?

3967c580-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Eva-LongoriaEva Longoria: The former Desperate Housewives star had the number of her NBA husband Tony Parker inked on the back of her neck and the date of their wedding tattooed on her wrist, but began erasing them by 2012. TMZ reported that Longoria also had Tony’s initials inked in a “very private location,” but those are surely gone, too.

2a4b35f0-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_Marc-AnthonyMarc Anthony: The singer once had a tat of wife Jennifer Lopez’s first name on his wrist, but he had it covered up with a dolphin after their marriage ended in 2011. Very creative.

2ddc7300-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Melanie-GriffithMelanie Griffith: Marked for “Antonio” no more. The Working Girl star began erasing the body art honoring her husband of nearly 20 years not long after their June 2014 split.

2928fd10-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Angelina-JolieAngelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton: The bizarre adventures of Angelina and Billy Bob included getting permanently marked for the other (“Angie” on his ankle and “Billy Bob” on her shoulder). But in her new life as a humanitarian and mom, Jolie had the art transformed into a list of the geographic coordinates of her children’s birthplaces.

35d66160-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_Ciara-FutureCiara and Future: After just a few months of dating, singer Ciara and rapper Future debuted matching ring tattoos in April 2013. Hers is an “N” (his first name is Nayvadius); his is a “C.” But perhaps they should have waited a little longer, since they broke up in August 2014, following her claim he cheated. Her tattoo for him was being shown the door by December.

32a9d990-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Charlie-Sheen-Denise-RichardsCharlie Sheen and Denise Richards: In a sweet and not at all crazy gesture, Sheen had the first name of his then-wife written across the inside of his left wrist. A decade after their 2005 divorce, the actor’s ink has been replaced with the one word Charlie will forever be linked to, tattoo or not: winning. For her part, Richards, during her four-year marriage to Sheen, had his first name tattooed on her ankle, which she later turned into a fairy.

534811d0-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Tom-ArnoldTom Arnold: In 1994, Arnold was so desperate to save his marriage with Roseanne Barr that he had her faced tattooed on his chest as a Valentine’s Day gift. The move didn’t work, of course, and he soon had to endure 18 months of laser treatment removal. “The day she filed I started getting it removed because I knew that I would never have sex with anyone until I got that removed,” he later told TMZ.

41bea0f0-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Katy-Perry-Russell-BrandKaty Perry and Russell Brand: At the height of their love affair, Perry flashed a tattoo that said “Go with the flow” in Sanskrit on her right arm — identical to one Brand had also shown off. The marriage didn’t last long, just 14 months, and reportedly his tattoo didn’t either. He squashed those reports in March 2012, and said he’d never had a tat removed.

2e417660-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_Rihanna-Chris-BrownRihanna and Chris Brown: When Breezy and RiRi were in the lovey-dovey phase, they naturally go matching star tattoos on their necks. Following their ugly split, Rihanna changed hers up by adding more stars that run down onto part of her back.

2884a6c0-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_Johnny-DeppJohnny Depp: In one of the most famous tattoo rewrites of all time, Depp only had to delete a couple of letters to change “Winona Forever” — which he inked on his shoulder during his three-year engagement to fellow actress Winona Ryder in the early ’90s — to “Wino Forever.”

3b721470-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Gwyneth-Paltrow-Chris-MartinGwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin: Paltrow, who fancies herself an expert on all things hip, paid tribute to hubby Martin with a “C” on her hip in 2008. In turn, the Coldplay frontman got a “G” inked on his inner arm. Perhaps keeping tats you got when you were once in love is part of the whole conscious uncoupling thing.

4a183b80-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Mel-B-Eddie-MurphyMel B: The former Spice Girl and actor Eddie Murphy were so hot and heavy in 2006 that they got matching hip tattoos of each other’s names. By 2007, the two embroiled in a public battle over whether he was the father of her baby (he was) and her tat was on the way out. “I have two more laser treatments to do, and then it’s gone,” she told People. “I wonder if he still has his.”

43dc9ef0-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Kevin-Federline-Britney-SpearsBritney Spears and Kevin Federline: The singer and her ex-husband each had a pair of dice inked of their wrists (hers were pink and on the left, his were blue and on the right) but both surely regretted getting them after Britney filed for divorce in November 2006 following two years of marriage. Oops…

50f93fd0-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Sadie-Frost-Jude-LawJude Law: The British actor once was so enamored with wife Sadie Frost that he had a lyric from the Beatles’ song “Sexy Sadie” etched onto his left arm. When they split after six years of marriage in 2003, he lost a wife and a piece of body art.

4ed54e60-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Robert-Kardashian-Adrienne-BailonRob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon: The Kardashians should know better than anyone that relationships don’t always last. However, Rob and then-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon got his-and-her body art when they dated. Fittingly for such a public couple, she let cameras follow as she had his name removed from her backside in 2012, following two failed attempts in the five years after their split.

4cc4e4f0-4786-11e5-b04d-7d6f97c8e2f9_Pamela-AndersonPamela Anderson: The “Baywatch” babe had the name of rocker Tommy Lee, whom she married in 1995, inked on her left ring finger. After their divorce in 1998, the mother of two boys had “Tommy” cleverly changed to “Mommy.” Meanwhile, Lee, who reportedly had Pam’s name tattooed on his, er, private area, has made the smart decision not to bring lasers into that situation.

26cf55a0-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_Jesse-James-Kat-Von-DKat Von D: Of course, the tattoo artist had to get a childhood photo of reality star Jesse James inked on her after they began dating in 2010. She chose to have it removed, however, after she claimed he cheated (with 19 women!) when they split in 2011.

2c8399c0-4786-11e5-8572-0bb4dc517d7e_ParisHiltonParis Hilton and Nick Carter: For whatever reason, the socialite turned DJ thought it would be a good idea to get the name of her former Backstreet Boys boyfriend on her butt when they dated for seven months. It wasn’t. After they split in 2004, she had the, um, art removed with lasers. He turned the “Paris” tattoo on his wrist into a skull and crossbones.

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