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‘The Show Must Go On.’ – Toke Makinwa

These are hard times for media personality, Toke Makinwa, and you must know the reasons for that by now.

But just in case you’ve being hiding under a rock the past week, here’s the tea in a  nutshell: Toke Makinwa’s husband of a little over a year, fitness trainer, Maje Ayida allegedly cheated on her with his ex whom he dated on and off for eight years and then, got her pregnant. The ex, Anita Solomon is reportedly in the UK to have the child.

While everyone has been speculating for days, trying to get Toke to speak on the matter officially, she has tried to keep her head up high without divulging much.

However, after her popular weekly Vlog was uploaded sometime ago, we have learned that Toke’s wedding frame seems to be gone. During her old vlog sessions, Toke Makinwa’s wedding frame hung behind her. But now, it appears to be gone.toksstar

It could mean nothing. Or it could mean everything.

In her vlog, Toke addressed men who cheat on women and why the society needs to stop blaming the women. She directly addressed her own situation, saying, “I’m not going to carry on like my world has not been completely turned upside down. I know that a lot of you have read what you might have read. Thank you for your prayers and emails.”

She went on to tell women not to ever blame themselves for the cheating ways of their men, encouraging them to keep their heads up, that that wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Watch the video after the cut.

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  1. The irony of this entire drama is that Toke talks about life and its issues, doling out advice to men and women on what to spot about whatever crisis in their lives. And in that time, she was blind to her husband’s cheating for 8 years. Talk about cancer creeping up on the oncologist. So sad.

  2. I love her attitude. Can she sue & milk him heavily on settlement?

  3. life must go on.

  4. If a man doesn’t get the blame when his wife cheats, I wonder why a woman should be blamed for her husband’s infidelity.
    Keep your head high girl.
    Its his loss.

  5. Cool.
    I love the way she is taking this. Not letting this run her life and even finding something to smile about in light of the situation.

    Keep going, girl. The way is still up for ya…

  6. It would seem then that I’ve been living under a rock.

  7. #like we care

  8. Detective Shakespeareanwalter!!! she’s a very strong woman. It’s his loss and only his loss.

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