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To Those Who Have A Problem With Annalise Keating Having Sex With A Woman

Originally published on madamenoire.com

I enjoy How To Get Away With Murder. It challenges me. I have to concentrate in order to make sure I’m not left in the dark once the plot lines thicken. Not to mention, the acting is superb. Viola Davis taps into virtually every emotion as Annalise Keating and it’s a joy to watch.

There’s generally a consensus about that, evidenced by Davis’ recent Emmy win.

But last night, a few people were in their feelings.

In case you missed it, during last night’s episode, we watched Annalise and her former college classmate and boo thing, Eve, get it on like they used to do in the olden days. I watched Annalise and I believed her in the scenes with Eve. It didn’t seem forced or inauthentic. It was Annalise, doing what she always does: Using and manipulating people.

And she did it well.

But y’all know there are always people who want to talk about the so-called “gay agenda” being promoted on television, particularly in Shonda Rhimes’ show. That’s what I was seeing on Facebook. People were calling for Black people to “stand up” and stop accepting these types of roles, roles that paint Black people in some type of immoral or negative light. This person even went so far as to argue that Viola only won the Emmy because people on the voting committee knew that there were going to be lesbian love scenes for Annalise Keating in the future.

Possible, but a stretch.

More than anything, I was perturbed by this line of thinking because it seemed so contradictory to what Viola and Shonda stand for.

They’re about inclusion.

Shonda has explained it ad nauseum. While we’re all about love for everyone, some people took issue with the gay scenes in Shonda’s shows in October 2014 and decided to let Shonda know about it.Screen-Shot-2014-10-20-at-2.32.53-PM

And Shonda, as she’s been known to do, let this “Dina” have a piece of her mind.shonda1

This – inclusion – is exactly what Viola’s memorable Emmy speech was all about.

She wants Black women represented and included in Hollywood images. And we all cheered for that. But when that inclusion is extended to someone outside of our group, then we’re not here for it. Ironically, this is just how Nancy Grahn sounded on Twitter when she bashed Viola’s speech.

And that’s what’s so troubling about these comments. Whether you believe that homosexuality is a sin or not, you understand that gay men and women live and exist in this world. They certainly have unique experiences and stories that I’m sure they too would like to see reflected on the television screen.

It’s always so interesting to me that Christians will readily watch people lie, steal, cheat, kill, rape, and torture someone without flinching. But two same sex people kissing or having sex or hell, just being in love, is entirely too much to bear.

The show is literally called “How To Get Away With Murder” and people tune in expecting it to be the new TBN.

It’s fascinating.

It pains and saddens me to hear Black people call for inclusion and representation and then scoff and lob shame on so and so when that same basic decency is offered to someone else. We sound like hypocrites.

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  1. walter! two mondays in a row? Yur front teeth and anyibaba’s is at stake. .#iknowyurebusy..

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Lol. Chill, kaego. It’s coming.

    • Chineke! What did I do? II’m not the writer of Eze goes to school. I’m as agitated as you are. Should we knock off Walter’s front tooth as a warning? I could help you, I know where he lives.

      • Kaego, see me o!!! He is busy “pushing a gay agenda” instead of sending these boys to school. Abi, are they on Mid term break? School just started now…

        • shakespeareanwalter

          Hahahahahaaa… Me, pushing gay agenda, eh? *snapping fingers in your face* You’ll see! *storming back into my gay propaganda backroom*

  2. Analise Keating had sex with a woman? What is wrong with you? Is nothing sacred anymore? A simple spoiler warning at the beginning would be nice. Heck, the entire heading is a spoiler. Damn it! Now I have to read the piece.
    As you realise there is a sexual minority, remember there is a series watching minority too. The minority that binge watches. We are vocal and demand our rights, the right to always be warned of spoilers.

  3. It’s funny really. We tune in to watch scandal, how to get away with murder and Grey’s Anatomy every week. We watch murders happen, hope our protagonist gets away with it and don’t get me started on the many sex scenes. We enjoy it all but flinch when gay sex or even the topic comes on those shows. I guess that’s our limit, no gay talk at all. No problem then, next week we’ll watch Annalise do her best to get away with murder and we’ll cheer her on. After all, murder is more tolerable than gays

  4. First the writing began with the writer having a problem with black people calling for Keating’s head.

    Then just when I was thinking I was mistaken, I saw that I’d not be disappointed after all. It was no longer black people but Christians. And not even some Christians, but all Christians apparently don’t flinch when people lies steal, cheat, rape and torture people, but have an issue with gay people.

    Maybe all Christians are black. I dunnim

    This vendetta against Christians, I guess it’ll never end. Let’s forget the cultures that don’t support it. Let’s even forget that Islam doesn’t support it.
    But let’s have a free-for-all against the Christians.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Lol. That’s what really gets you in the craw, isn’t it? When the clapback is against Christendom, and not the general homophobic population, innit? 🙂

      • Actually, it showed the writer is biased and the article is flawed. How someone moves from black to Christian beats me. And I don’t care much for people who have a been in their bonnet about Christianity and its beliefs

        • Thank you Eketi…I cannot agree more…
          And in addition, the problem isn’t the presence of the complained scenes if you ask me, it’s where it’s not contributing at all to the plot…anything that doesn’t will attract consternation at least from ME

  5. Why is this even an issue? Nd why re Christians bn called out? I. Get the perceived hypocrisy at play, but It’s not only Christiandom that has problems accepting or coming to terms with homosexuality, majority of the global population do.

    That bn said, Ms. Keating having Sex with another female is as normal as Sex is right at this very second in the world we all live in. Television has always bn Art which is an imitation of Reality. If the story demanded that the Lawyer has sexual feelings for the said character, it only makes sense that such relationship should be depicted onscreen.

    The show isn’t porn nd neither is it something meant for TBM or some religious channel. It’s a scripted show surely meant for entertainment nd shock value depicting a deeply flawed high powered woman who tries to create nuance from her chaotic life.

    Let’s not forget that or be distracted by just few minutes of an onscreen Sex scene that exist soley for character development nd not much to the plot.

    By the way, gay people have every right to have their stories depicted nd storied cus for better for worse, they exist nd they contribute to culture. It it helps humanise them nd remove misconceptions about who they re cus they naturally just people too.

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