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The Princess Of North Sudan? Disney To Make Movie Based On Man Who Claimed African Land For Daughter

Last year, a Virginia man, Jeremiah Heaton made viral news after he shared on social media that he bought his daughter a “kingdom” in Africa for her birthday. The land Heaton claimed is Bir Tawil, a desert land between Egypt and Sudan. Heaton supposedly claimed this land by placing his family flag there. It has been reported that it is unclear who the land legally belongs to, but Heaton is confident it is his.Heaton

Even more bizarre, Disney plans to make a film of Heaton’s claim on the land. Tentatively titled ‘The Princess Of North Sudan’, the film will revolve around Heaton’s daughter “Princess” Emily. Morgan Spurlock is set to produce it.

Since claiming the land in 2014, Al Jazeera says Heaton has applied to the United Nations for entity status and appointed European ambassadors in order to make the recognition process go faster.

As expected, Twitter users have spoken out against the film, saying Disney is encouraging modern day colonialism. Here are some of the best reactions to Disney’s latest project:Screenshot - 5_17_2015 , 8_56_14 AMScreenshot - 5_17_2015 , 8_56_52 AMScreenshot - 5_17_2015 , 8_57_15 AM

Others on Twitter believe Disney is making a mockery of colonialism and dismissing the issues that affect Sudan and Egypt, alike in order to receive financial benefits.

Do you agree?

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