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Pastor Hates ‘Harry Potter’ So Much, He Thinks Kids Should Drown Instead Of Reading It

Let it be known: Pastor Kevin Swanson is no Harry Potter fan. In fact, Swanson is so opposed to J.K. Rowling’s iconic series, he’d prefer that parents would drown their children instead of allowing them to read it.

Swanson, who is a pastor at the Reformation Church of Elizabeth, Colorado and also hosts a weekly radio show, blasted Harry Potter and the animated movie, How to Train Your Dragon, in a convoluted speech at the National Religious Liberties Conference on Nov. 7, Right Wing Watch reported. His issue with Potter, it seems, stemmed from Rowling’s 2007 revelation that she always thought of Dumbledore the wizard as a gay man.

“America, repent that Dumbledore emerged as a homosexual mentor for Harry Potter, that Hiccup’s mentor in ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ emerged as a homosexual himself in order that history might repeat itself one more time,” Swanson said.

The pastor went on to suggest that it would be better “that a millstone be hanged around children’s necks and they be drowned at the bottom of the sea” than “raised to be stumbled by the Dumbledore’s and by the mentors of Hiccup.”

He said, “My friends, America needs to repent…of our culture!”

The comments aren’t particularly surprising given Swanson’s history of homophobic remarks. In 2014, he slammed the producers of the Disney mega-hit, Frozen, for trying to “indoctrinate” children into being gay, and treating “homosexuality and bestiality in a light sort of way.”

“I wonder if people are thinking, ‘You know, I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way,'” he said in a radio broadcast. “I wonder if the average parent going to see ‘Frozen’ is thinking that way.”

Swanson, seriously — let it go.


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  1. Such sound parenting advice. Mscheewwww. The way people let their personal prejudices interfere with their common sense sef

  2. Who this pastor help sef??

  3. This is just plain ignorance or perhaps some form of psychosis. lol. Any which way, it’s his opinion sha. silly as it sounds

  4. This man is very ignorant and shouldn’t be given any atom of audience. He’s views re hypocritical nd ignorant.

    I have read all seven books of the Harry Potter series nd all that Epic story is very Christian like.

    Rowling wrote about self sacrifice, good will, the choice to choose good over evil, the spirit of friendship. Community and not least the power of Love.

    The fact that Dumbledore was later revealed to be gay has nothing to do with his characterisation. He remains a beloved and eloquently drawn hero who stood for Goodness.

    This man is a shame to what Jesus represented while on Earth. How can u wish such evil unto Children. He’s no better off than a Terrorist.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      To think that he missed all that and settled on a thing about the franchise that was revealed AFTER THE FACT just goes to show how lacking in common sense he is and how much he has lost his way in the Lord’s vineyard. Truly a shame.

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